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Player HP Control Suite aims to give users full control over their character's HP stat. This achieved by letting users control both their character's base HP and the HP gained from leveling up. In addition it adds an endurance component to HP gain from leveling. All of this can be configured through the included MCM.

Permissions and credits

Player HP Control Suite(formerly known as Player Health Revised) is a full overhaul of how the player (max) HP stat gets calculated that allows users to fully customize things to their liking. This can be done through the included MCM.

What the mod does (in more detail)

The main feature of this mod:

In an unmodded state the game calculates (max) HP according to the following formula: 100 + (Player Endurance * 20) + ((player level - 1) * 5)
This mod changes this to [User value 1] + (Player Endurance * [User value 2]) + ((player level - 1) * ([User value 3] +([User value] 4 * player Endurance))).

If the above formulas didn't make sense let me explain the vanilla formula and then my modified formula.
In vanilla HP consists of 3 components: The flat number of 100, the player characters permanent(meaning no temporary bonuses are included) endurance * 20 and lastly the player characters level - 1 * 5. For ease of use let's refer to the first 2 components combined as "Base HP" and the third component as "level up HP".

What this mod does is allow users to define the flat number portion of Base HP(100 in vanilla) and the number that gets multiplied by the player characters endurance.
For the level up HP component this mod splits the default value(5) into 2 portions, the first being a simple flat number defined by the user. The other portion is a flat number that gets multiplied by player endurance. This effectively makes endurance important not only for your Base HP but also how much HP the PC gains when leveling up.

Additional features:

A soft level cap on HP gain(from leveling). This lets you define a level after which the PC will stop again HP from leveling. Note this is different from the players actual level cap hence why I called it a soft level cap.

A number of pre-configured presets that already have all settings dialed in. To give you more than 1 starting option which you can either use as is or as a basis for your own custom preset.

Actual examples:

Since the above is rather dry text, here are a few examples of player HP at different levels and endurance stats using the vanilla HP formula and this mods default preset.
Which are:

Base HP 50 (vanilla 100)
Base HP endurance multiplier: 5 (vanilla 20)
Static Health gain per level: 2 (vanilla 5)
Health gain per level based on endurance: 0.5 * Endurance (Vanilla 0 as this did not exist in vanilla)
Health gain(from level ups) level cap: 31 (vanilla has no cap so whatever your actual level cap is)

1 Endurance:   5 Endurance:10 Endurance:

lvl 1 vanilla:     120 HP    lvl 1 vanilla:     200 HPlvl 1 vanilla:     300 HP
lvl 1 this mod: 55 HP      lvl 1 this mod: 75 HP  lvl 1 this mod: 100 HP

lvl 16 vanilla:     195 HP  lvl 16 vanilla:     275 HP        lvl 16 vanilla:     375 HP
lvl 16 this mod: 92 HP    lvl 16 this mod: 142 HPlvl 16 this mod: 205 HP

lvl 31 vanilla:     270 HP  lvl 31 vanilla:     350 HPlvl 31 vanilla:     450 HP
lvl 31 this mod: 130 HP  lvl 31 this mod: 210 HPlvl 31 this mod: 310 HP

As you can see in vanilla you start with more base HP and then gain a static 150 HP over the course of 30 levels or 5 per level(remember HP gained from level ups is level -1 hence the 31) regardless of the players endurance stat.
But with this mods default settings you take a significant nerf to base HP and then the health gained over 30 levels varies from 75(or 2.5 per level) all the way up to 210 (or 7 per level) depending on the players endurance stat.

But this is just one example, comparing the mod's default settings with the vanilla HP formula


Simply install with your mod manager as normal.


Use the uninstall toggle in the MCM menu before removing this mod. This is necessary because this mod writes data to the player's HP stat and this data would remain if you were to uninstall without using the included toggle.

Load Order and compatibility

Load order isn't all that important unless listed otherwise below.

This mod isn't going to be compatible with most mods that either change Base HP or HP gained from leveling up, however upon request I may look into making a compatibility patch.
One exception to this is JSawyer Ultimate Edition

However you must load my mod after it so your load order should look like.

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JSawyer Ultimate.esp
Player Health Revised.esp
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