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Colt Single Action Army and Colt Python (HQ custom models and Textures) with Supressor, Scope, and retexture mods. (4 inch and 6 inch models added as uniques and mods.)

Permissions and credits
Two new revolvers:
Colt Python .357 Revolver - 50 base damage, 3 mods
Colt Single Action Army Revolver - 45 base damage, 3 mods
AntHill Python - 40 base damage (+25 with 6 inch barrel). Comes as a base 4 inch model and 6 inch barrel as a mod (uses it's own mods that can be found with the pistol.

-Scope Attachment
-Colt Custom Finish
-AntHill Long Barrel
-AntHill Scope
-AntHill Suppressor

Hitman and Sigerious Animations Patch by lolwutyyy:

Uniques up damage by 50-100% but they come as mods called Colt Custom Finish that give the weapons unique finishes. 

Both Colt Revolvers can be bought at gun runners vendatron at lvl 16 with scope and suppressor (though they spawn randomly). The NCR trader at the 188 trading Post also sells the scope and Suppressor but it too randomly spawns. One finish mod is at Red Rock Canyon next to papa khan. Another Finish mod  is Held by Cook-Cook and will have to be killed for it. You can buy the others at Gun Runner's Vendatron. Both Weapons share all mods so you can get either finish mod and use it for both but you need two for both weapons to have custom finishes at the same time.
AntHill Python can be found at dead wind cavern on the dead paladin with all mods. These mods are the same as the normal Python mods but renamed so they don't clash. 

*I know that the shells being emptied out if the CSAA are not actually "Empty Shells", I noticed after modeling when testing and didn't feel like going back and doing it all over again. Completely overlooked, my bad. 
*Known issue: conflicts with my other Western rifles mod as they both edit the same container and the game chooses to show one instead of both. Will fix soon.

1. Initial Release.
2. Retextures - also switched behavior from explode & dismember to just dismember (Check Pictures for textures). Also, changed the normals to test if my changes affect the "glossiness" of the metals. (Leave a post about it!)
3. More fiddling with the textures/normals. Added Bullet models to the Python (now visible but the reload shows.. ah I'll just won't say anything because then you won't be able to unsee it). Tweaked the python nif as some things were out of place. Added a new python world model but dropped with mods it still shows the speed loader.
3-1. Small nif edits to both guns (hammers out of place).
3-2. Texture edits to Python provided by youngyone01 that look good imo. (removed a lot of the noticeable dark spots and tried to make it more seemless overall.)
4. Added AntHill Python unique found at dead wind cavern on the dead paladin. Fixed a bunch of nif inconsistencies (but there's more to work on). found a way to hide the speedloader on modded models. New textures and maps for the AntHill models. The new AntHill Python unfortunately comes as another esp because the models clashed with my other one but as separate esps it doesn't (I think). Also retextured the scope to kinda match the supressor, the vanilla texture drove me crazy.
5. Nif fixes and Re-textures for the CSAA. Added weapons via Script (Must load a save with the esp already saved to it for the script to run). I know adding through AddToLevelList saves to game data but it's the only scripting I know (this fixes the clash with my rifles mod).

-extract contents to data file in FNV dir (Meshes, textures, Esp)
-Open launcher and go to files button, click the esps on
´╗┐Or use a mod manager (MO2 recommended)

Leave a post! I like feedback.

And if you like these check out my other Mods!

8sianDude - Suppressor Model and Textures
youngyone01 - Nif and Texture work