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A weapon mod which adds numerous unique firearms, zappy-guns and melee with the vanilla look and feel in mind.

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Hello Nexus! 

This mod has started out as a project for purely personal desire. I tend to create personalities, backstories and roleplay out my characters whenever I play through the game. I started wanting to add bits of each character into the world for my future characters to stumble upon...

And then after quite a large amount of failed attempts using naught but my photoshop experience (Mainly for custom textures) I had given up. But after a while I managed to get a grasp of the basics better, be it blender and NIF-Bashing ( thanks to the awesome MC-Tammer! ). 

After using a bunch of my friends as my test subjects for testing and giving me more ideas and stories from their own characters, I've finally brought this piece of mess to the nexus! 

Disclaimer: This mod contains quite a lot of meshes frankensteined together from the already present in-game models and does not overwrite any of the game's own files. Any compatibility related issues and problems would be unlikely. And in the case you folks find any problems, please do let me know. This is the very first project I've ever worked on and aim to make it better.


This mod contains ( as of 1.0 )  8 unique weapons with small bits of story to go along with them. They've all been created with the look and feel of the vanilla game in mind and can be found via simply exploring the world and stumbling upon them. If you have any suggestions and ideas for more weapons with your own character's stories to go along with them, message me personally! I'll do my best to discuss it with you and see if I can make it fit. Together, this mod will grow!

The Leprechaun: A compact handgun chambered only for .38 special. - It can be found within the NCR camp next to Primm.
Dublin Workhorse: A well-greased, battle hardened 5.56 bolt action rifle. - It can be found within the no-man's land between Nelson and Forlorn Hope.
Meat Unicycle: A wicked and rusty hatchet made with scrap and a sawblade. - It can be found lying near a corpse in one of Freeside's back alleys.  Inspired from Borderlands
Minninnewah: A native inspired and heavy tomahawk. - Is found within a trailer near the Mojave Drive-In. 
Hew: A large, two handed beast of a sword. - Is found within Nipton's borders, stowed away behind a house. 
Halley: Heavy, clunky and extremely wasteful energy weapon firing exploding plasma projectiles. - Found somewhere around Novac's petrol station.
Holy Trinity: 12 gauge, triple barreled break-action shotgun. - Found around Cottonwood Cove, behind a house. 
Money Press: A pump-action rifle, chambered in .308 rounds. - Found in barely-functioning condition within Goodsprings.  Idea by 'Nightlock'