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Replaces the vanilla footstep sounds with way more realistic sounding ones, as well as adding over 60 additional sounds and fixing some game bugs.

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This mod completely overhauls the New Vegas footstep sounds and adds a little over 60 additional sounds to the game.
All of the sounds come from the Battlefield mod "Project Reality", hence the name.
The sounds include subtle gear and backpack rattle, wich adds to the immersion.

The included lightweight esp file fixes some of the games issues, wich means, that rocks, solid concrete, broken concrete, sand and gravel no longer share the same gravelsound for jumping and landing.

This is what the community thinks:

Love all of the sound effects. Didn't realize how tired of the vanilla footstep sounds i was until i watched your videos. Absolutely fantastic job on this! - gabbe1200

It's not until you install this fantastic mod that you really appreciate the nuisances like the squeaky radiation suit's boots. I've tried other footstep mods; they were too loud and made my head hurt after a few hundred hours! I love it! - Zaksta

Fantastic work, really adds to the game, especially when you've disabled fast travel.
Appreciate the effort you went too and thank you for this mod. - Salamanda235


Compatible with Just Vanilla Sprint and JAM without the need for any patches
For Solid Project you can find a compatibility patch in the files section.
But you should use Just Vanilla Sprint, as it seamlessly integrates with this mod and plays all the different surface sounds when sprinting.

This mod works with TTW, see optional files section for a fixed esp. Sounds from operation anchorage are not covered yet.

This Mod is not compatible with mods altering the footstep sounds or changing how the game handles these sounds.


Either install the mod manually by placing it into your data folder,
or install via your favorite Mod Manager (recommended).

Make sure to activate the ESP when using a Mod Manager.

Make sure to adjust the in-game footsteps volume!
Keep in mind, that in real life you dont usually hear your footsteps that loud, so you might want to set this to about 50%, but this comes down to personal preference.


HULKHOD3N for the original FO4 Mod and Idea.
Project Reality for the sound files and creative commons licensing.
Arecaidianfox for the XWM to WAV Conversion tool.