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This mod adds a semi-automatic 40mm grenade launcher to the game.

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*** This weapon is also available as part of my NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack ***

This mod requires textures from Gun Runners' Arsenal, but does not require the DLC to play.

Here's one that's been on the docket for a while - a weapon loosely inspired by the Milkor MGL, also known as the M32 in USMC service. It's a six-shot, revolver-style grenade launcher. I was never quite sure how to approach this one, but I think I've finally cracked it.

I started with the base game Marksman Carbine mesh and removed everything except the grip, handguard, and safety lever. I then added the buttstock and buffer tube from the Assault Carbine, the receiver, trigger and trigger guard from the 25mm Grenade APW, bits and pieces from the Riot Shotgun's drum magazine, the winding mechanism from the legacy-content Combat Shotgun, and the barrel from the Grenade Rifle. Lastly, I added a red-dot sight made using pieces from the .44 Magnum Revolver scope.

Gameplay-wise, this weapon is a mid-point between the Grenade Rifle and the Grenade Launcher in terms of Strength and skill required. It cannot be modded, but I've added the weapon to all the appropriate form lists, so that all perks and challenges that affect explosives and launchers (i.e. Pyromaniac, Demolition Expert) will work as expected.

The weapon can be purchased from the Gun Runners and other vendors across the Wasteland, or found in random loot drops. Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you can always use the following console command (Substitute ## with the Mod Index of the plugin in your load order):

player.AddItem ##000ADE 1;Gives 1 Rotary Grenade Launcher

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas.