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  1. AmaccurzerO
    • supporter
    • 1,126 posts
    • 522 kudos
    Thank all for you comments.

    I added a mini-turret mine with the same features, but this one can be placed as a mine instead of throwing it.

    This is still a beta version. Test it and report any bug.
    1. gusano
      • member
      • 933 posts
      • 44 kudos
      This is proof of the power of prayer.
  2. ChristGrinderAvenue
    • member
    • 283 posts
    • 4 kudos
    You know I just thought how this would be a great mine for Area 51. It is just too good.
  3. Vangrel
    • supporter
    • 244 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Heya amaccurzer0, is there any console commands to do a placeatme on the schematics? using ttw so it'll take reallyyyyy long to get to novac, sorry for the question, but thanks for the mod!
    1. Maxime117
      • supporter
      • 1,112 posts
      • 10 kudos
      Check the item id in xEdit :)
  4. Fyrcynn
    • BANNED
    • 3,305 posts
    • 54 kudos
    You're turning this game into Team Fortress 2.
  5. goldenbulletXx
    • member
    • 306 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Such a cool idea, Im definitely gonna enjoy usin this in my ttw
  6. GRUmod
    • premium
    • 248 posts
    • 16 kudos
    Your mods are really interesting and it's fascinating the things you come up with. Thanks for making the mods you do, looking forward to seeing more of your wonderous creations. :)
    1. edherpington
      • member
      • 236 posts
      • 9 kudos
      Was going to post the same. Cool stuff, but the yellow lights on the ground are a tad too much for my taste here.
  7. bromega
    • member
    • 540 posts
    • 12 kudos
    Great work cumpa. Would love to see this as a mine.
    1. SHAD0WC0BRA
      • member
      • 484 posts
      • 44 kudos
      A Betty that does more than bounce!
  8. Psydeffexclone
    • member
    • 1,232 posts
    • 31 kudos
    Nice this is Perfect for Tight Spaces, and close quarters corners. you got yourself an endorsement!
  9. gusano
    • member
    • 933 posts
    • 44 kudos
    Crowd control.

    I'd like to put the bug in AmaccurzerO's ear to make a "proximity" mine version of this recipe.
    Just to add to the violence.
  10. DravenLovecraft
    • member
    • 218 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Would recommend posting that video demonstration you made here, so that people get a better idea of how unique this is
  11. Pickysaurus
    • Community Manager
    • 17,945 posts
    • 462 kudos
    Hello there!
    Thank you for sharing your excellent new mod with the Nexus Mods Community!
    We like it so much we're going to promote your mod on our Social Media.
    Look out for your mod appearing on our Facebook or Twitter over the next few days!
    Keep up the awesome work!
    - Nexus Mods Staff