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This mod changes the scripts that are responsible for the damage you take from the cloud in the Dead Money DLC.

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Could poison resistance affect the damage you take from a poisonous cloud?
Hell no! Said the developers. Of course! Say I.

It never made sense to me that poison resistance has no effect against the poison damage in the Sierra Madre.
Poison resistance is the most useless stat in the game unless you love hugging Radscorpions and Cazadors. So let's give it at least some use, shall we?

There are three types of places you can be in Dead Money.

1. Inside buildings
Here you take no damage from the cloud - no change.

2. Outside (applies only to hardcore mode or if you downloaded the optional esp)
Every 20s the player used to take 3 points of damage.
With the mod you take 3 - Poison Resistance / 42 damage.

3. Inside a concentrated pocket of the cloud
Every second the player used to take Max Player Health / 40 points of damage per cloud trigger.
With the mod the formula is changed to Max Player Health / (40 + Poison Resistance).

With 400 health and 0 poison resistance the player would take 10 points of damage per second and trigger with or without the mod.
With 400 health and 85 poison resistance the player would take 10 points of damage per second and trigger without the mod and 3 points of damage with the mod.

You see that poison resistance can help a great deal with the cloud but doesn't make you immune to it, just like it was meant to be. You will take a minimum of 1 point of damage even if you use mods that increase your max resistance.


This mod requires the Dead Money DLC for obvious reasons.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes the "NVDLC01ToxicCloudTriggerSCRIPT" and/or "NVDLC01GlobalToxicDamageSCRIPT".


None known.


Copy/extract the archive into your Data folder and activate the esp.


Remove the contents of the archive from your Data folder.

+++Version History+++

1.0 Initial release
1.1 Updated "NVDLC01ToxicCloudTriggerSCRIPT" so 1 point minimum damage gets applied after reduction from Dean's perk
    Added new optional download that causes the standard environmental damage (outside concentrated cloud pockets) even for non-hardcore players