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This mods adds two portable experimental dual minigun turret with its own animations. Watch video.

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This mod adds three experimental double machine gun turrets with their own animations. These turrets are very powerful, but they can only attack within their field of vision sweeping the area in front of them. They can be taken to your inventory but weigh 30 pounds each. Strategically placed, these turrets are devastating. You can also use them as coverage during combat.

To use them, just click on their icon in the inventory and they will be placed in front of you, pointing to the area you are going to. Activate them to deploy them. Once activated, they will only start shooting when the player starts the fight or if there are enemies around. Once the fight is over, they will stop firing. Activate them again to pick them up. Watch videos and screenshots.

These turrets are not creatures and have no AI. They are animated objects with a script to deploy and shoot. They are inspired by traps like the launch machine and the shotgun trap. Therefore, they are intended to be used as traps, placing them in strategic positions so that they begin firing when enemies detect or attack you. If you fire your weapon while the turrets are deployed, they will also start firing.

You can find FO3 version here


At Mojave Express office, same place you find EDE.


Two more turrets have been added in the version 3.00: a gatling laser turret and a missiles turret. All turrets can be found in their boxes at Mojave Express office, same place you find EDE. The minigun and the galting laser turret will only fire their weapons if there are enemies nearby. The missiles turret will fire its weapon upon activation. There is one turret of each type. Watch new video below.

NOTE for version 3.00: I recommend you to uninstall any previous version, make a clean save an install this new version.


Every part of the model of the dual minigun turret uses vanilla textures, but if you want better textures, it will work with any texture replacer.
Personally, I recommend, Sentry Turret Retexture for the parts of the turret that use parts of  the sentry turrets and Minigun Retexture for the parts of the turret that use the minigun model. Both retextures created by id2301.


Bethesda and Nexus community
and pixelhate for his excellent tutorials