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Adds a Winchester 94 and 1876 as standalone weapons.
Custom model and textures, 1k & 4k.
With Scope, Suppressor, and Uniques.

Permissions and credits
Winchester 94 that uses 357, 40 base damage. - Sold by Doc Mitchell

Ave! Winchester 94 Unique that uses 44 Magnum , 80 base damage. - Sold by Dave Burton up in Caesar's The Fort Main Gate for a whopping 12k caps. (this may change seeing as it kinda conflicts with legion-roman similarities)

Winchester 1876 that uses 357 magnum, 50 base damage - Sold by Doc Mitchell

Onyx. Winchester 1876 unique featuring black re-texture. uses 12.7mm pistol ammo, 150 base damage. - Sold by Doc Mitchell 

Only the Winchester 94 has the suppressor since I think it looked silly on the Winchester 1876 since it's sooo long already.

Mods can be bought at the Gun runners
Uses vanilla animations and sounds
Custom 1k and 4k textures available in download section.
Highly reccomend:
Zooming scope
Asurah's Anim (with ##sightanim change)
condition check by hitman
realistic lead (makes the onyx balanced because the 12.7mm bullet drops like a rock at long distances)
Real recoil

Hitman and Sigerious Animations Patch by lolwutyyy:
1: initial release
2: Added the winchester 1876 and did some geck edits.
2.1: Little Bug fixes
2.2: Little bug fixes
3: Cowboy Perk Applied as well as related challenges via script + minor fix that may or may not effected your win 94 spawning      in Doc's inv (Thanks to LeoMen14)
3.1: *Only for 1k Version* Changed dds files as they were the incorrect size (Thanks to Nodevski and blueboar) Sorry for the headache guys
Added an updated esp (copy over, overwrite) that adds the weapons + Mods via script (Doc Mitchell still sells them too) to the GunRunners Vendatron. I know adding through AddToLevelLists changes save game data but it's the only scripting I know so far. 

-extract contents to data file in FNV dir (Meshes, textures, Esp)
-Open launcher and go to files button, click the esp on
Or use a mod manager (MO2 recommended)

If you like, please endorse and check out my other mods!

richardsaffrie -  win94 Model
8sianDude - supressor (and textures for it)