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  1. Yvileapsis
    • premium
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    Hello, everyone!
    Due to changes in my life I am no longer willing or able to provide support for this mod and especially not for all 9 of my mods. For my convenience I am locking comments and bugs sections of all my mods other than the combined JAM package.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  2. bigswifty1
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    I've got this mod working well, even with using an xbox controller.
    Only issue is the dpad scrolling through items is waaaay too sensitive. One down click and its at the bottom of the list. One click up and its back to the top.
    Any ideas on how to fix that?
  3. bismark236
    • member
    • 119 posts
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    So this doesn't seem to work.

    I have installed all the requirements and this mod using Vortex - doesnt work
    I've manually installed all requirements and this mod - still doesn't work.

    Is this incompatiable with project nevada or the advanced recon stuff?
  4. mememand
    • member
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    Lovely mod, but when you open a locked safe it still goes inside the prompt instead of the mod version
  5. th3overseer
    • premium
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    I don't know why this FO4-style loot menu works for me when no others would, but f*** it, I'm just glad to finally be able to use one of them. Good work.
  6. Rizzan8
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    Doesn't seem to be working. The mod shows in MCM, but the ingame loot/content window doesn't show. Just the standard prompt for clicking 'E' to open the container.
  7. tanmau
    • member
    • 63 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Hello Yvileapsis! Thank you for this wonderful mod. Your "Just Mods Assorted" is essential in my mod load order. It's amazing how you modders are implementing modern gameplay features into this game!

    May I make a request? I am using PushTheWinButton's "Mojave Arsenal" and it makes enemies carry and use weapons with mods attached. The Loot Menu doesn't show the plus sign "+" on the side of the name of a modified weapon and it was not a problem in the vanilla game because you coudn´t find weapons with modifications already attached in loot, but it would be nice if it took into account the possibility of a modified weapon showing inside a container. Do you think it is possible to make your Loot Menu show this?
  8. Pyrothy
    • supporter
    • 18 posts
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    I've installed all required mods, however in game I constantly see the vanilla "E to open" displayed over the loot menu. I thought maybe it was oHUD for some reason and uninstalled it, still had the same issue. Played around with the McM settings, enabling it and disabling it, turning off/hiding the prompt, nothing fixed it. I'm not that mod savvy, maybe I missed something idk. The UI and everything still shows up, the mod works fine, I just can't see anything cause the vanilla "E to open" thing covers it all up lol. Also using vanilla UI plus if that changes anything.
  9. Yvileapsis
    • premium
    • 698 posts
    • 473 kudos
    Please report if this version is also reported by the Windows Defender.
    1. the1robert
      • supporter
      • 56 posts
      • 4 kudos
      I have not had any problems with it.
    2. Burrytoboy
      • member
      • 4 posts
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      not windows defender but since i installed it i cant opne my saved files and it just keeps the loading screen indefenetly
  10. Chupacabra31
    • member
    • 231 posts
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    This needs to be updated with "take stack" prompt option, just like "take all"! Because otherwise you can end up with two separate simple "take" text pop-ups assigned to different keys and it is confusing which one's which (unless you memorized it to the heart's content, which is something very hard to do, considering how overwhelming sometimes all these hud mods can be...) Either that or it needs second "additional key" option modifier, when holding it to press with regular key to be used with stack option? so that when you hold it - it would show "take stack" option, just like it shows you "take all" option, when holding additional key, that is already implemented in this mod! Or maybe it even needs both dunno...either way - the way it is currently implemented isn't fully convenient, because an urge to take something from a single stack of the same item from particular container appears to occur way more often than taking ALL items from said container and with current configuration this mod isn't very informing at helping me figure it out for my convenience! Please consider it for an update sometimes in the future! Thanks in advance!
  11. Misogyny
    • premium
    • 39 posts
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    Can someone help me get it to show in the Darnified UI font? I have everything else installed, thanks!

    Edit: It was literally in the MCM menu. Nevermind..LOL