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This simple ESP adds armor from Dragbody's Fallout 4 Power Armor Overhaul to locations within the Mojave Wasteland with factionless or certain unobtainable power armor pieces and equipment not found within his mod or in the game.

Permissions and credits
Optional Fallout: New California - Overhaul Patch, adding in Fo4 Armors and Loot to FNC and patching the unique power armor found in Fallout New California.
Rebalances to the Raiders with Power Armor.

Previous Update:
Fixed Outcast and X-03 power armors, their file locations were set to the wrong meshes.
Fixed the entrance to the "Old Bunker" so you can enter it properly.
Added Shark X-03 Power Armor.
Added proper radiation to the "Old Bunker" and other new locations I added in that needed them.

This simple ESP adds armor from Dragbody's Fallout 4 Power Armor Overhaul to locations within the Mojave Wasteland with faction-less or certain unobtainable power armor pieces and equipment not found within his mod or in the game. Each character will contain notes or journals depicting  the possible locations of other power armor sets and suits.

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Because the sounds within Dragbody's mod may or may not be that great, so here you go.

  • You will need the original modification, Dragbody's Fallout 4 Power armor overhaul or the armors T-60 armors, custom T-45 and T-51 variations will NOT show up in game. But the X-02 will show up using the Fallout 3 left over armor.
  • Drag and drop the esp into the data folder and enable.
  • Put below the Dragbody Fallout 4 Power Armor Overhaul because it is used as a master.

The Armors included that were added:
(Nonfaction so you can wear the armors if wanted without being attaked by the factions who dislike those factions)
Enclave X-02 Power Armor
T-60 Paladin
T-60 Knight
T-60 Intiate
T-60 Captain
T-60 Elder
T-60 Rusty
T-60 Flames
T-45 Flames
T-45 Metal
T-51 Shark
T-51 Metal

X-03 Hellfire Power Armor
X-03 Hellfire Power Armor (Unique, Flames)
X-03 Hazmat Power Armor
A T-60 Power Armor Surplus Stash (Can begin looking at Scavenger's Platform)
T-51 Winterized Power Armor
T-51 Outcast Power Armor
T-45 Outcast Power Armor
T-45 United States Army Power Armor (Lore Friendly NPCs and locations to loot from)

X-03 Shark Power Armor*

The locations are more high-level locations or hidden around within the game.
All power armors will come in a full set, with a helmet and a suit, along with random loot. The armor WILL NOT be at 100% condition so expect to do repairs on the power armor.

Reading further on will spoil their locations, but if you just want to get the armor then continue reading.

The T-60 series of armors is located around Searchlight all the way to the Crashed Vertibird and then the Nuke Testing location. A rogue group of lost brotherhood soldiers wandering the Mojave in search of a crashed Vertibird signal. The team getting seperated, along with a deranged paladin in search of something even greater than the vertibird.
The T-60 Rusty Armors can be found at the Farmstead and at the Nuclear Test Site.
The factionless T-60 Brotherhood variations can be found around and above the vertibird crash site.

The Elder Power Armor is located in the Gibson Shack within a locked grate leading to a old bunker. The key can be found in the brotherhood of steel bunker in the lower levels in someones room with the key on a desk.
The Captain power armor can be found in a nest in a small path inbetween the lake and Red Rock Canyon.

The T-45 Flames power armor can be found in a cave near Devil's Throat along with another set of power armor.
The T-45 Metal Power Armor can be found....Go to the Sierra Madre DLC start location, the bunker entrance, over the cliffside to the river, there should be a path to get down to the river. Across from that is a little Lake Lurk cove with a dead scavenger.
The T-45 Shark Armor can be found at another Lakelurk Cove near Cottonwood and Camp Guardian, accessible from the river or the Camp Guardian Cave exit.

The T-51 Greaser Armor can be found in the Deathclaw Cove, located across and down the river from Cottonwood Cove.
The T-51 Metal Armor can be found at the super mutant camp site located at The One.

The T-60 Greaser Power Armor Variation will be found in the Divide DLC located outside of The Cave of Rawr on a dead "easter egg" character for anyone using Wild Wasteland. (Wild Wasteland is not needed to find the armor but it makes more sense with another wild wasteland item within the Divide).

The Enclave X-02 Power Armor can be located at the crane outside of the Quarry near Solan and the other power armor will be located in the middle of the desert, not far from the trainstation in "Deathclaw Lands" and Helios One, inbetween the 2 locations.

The Hellfire X-03 Power Armor and T-45 Outcast Power Armor can be found within the Lonesome Road, within the Divide Worldspace. A sewer grate entrance will lead you through a unique bunker that has stashed away some power armor and enemies. Very high level, recommended to be prepared for a lot of enemies. After journeying through this bunker you can reach an Enclave base camp set up as they attempt to breach the armory where the T-60 Surplus Stash can be located with a high powered *Sole Soldier* and *Enclave Officer* can be found, the officer outside fighting off her own troops and the Sole Soldier preparing to make a final stand.

The T-51 Outcast Power Armor can be found on a dead prospector on the Scavenger's Platform, in extremely low condition, along with a old journal depicting how it got there and where their previous owner may be traveling.

The Tribal Power Armor (Asher's Power Armor from The Pitt) will be found on the Crazed Bootlegger located in the Bootlegger's Shack near Vault 22.

The T-51 Power Armor, Winterized Helmet will be found in one of the Jacobstowns houses along with a journal entry and the armor can be found in the Hopeville Armory on a skeleton. The set of Armor will be in perfect condition and will have the highest durability to match the Fallout 3 Winterized Power Armor.

The X-03 Unique Power Armor can be found on a unique NPC called Bunny, who will spawn closer to the Powder Ganger Vault, near the rear entrance of Quarry Junction, fighting off deathclaws

The T-45 United States Army Power Armor can be found at Nellis Airforce Base on Elite Boomer Guards. High level and carrying a variety of heavy weapons, they will be scattered around at weak points of the bases security fences. The power armor can be found in the secret bunker in the Divide on 2 dead soldiers.

The X-03 Shark Paint Job, Power armor can be found in the Searchlight Gold Mine and will be on a "Legendary Prospector" who will be automatically hostile. They are extremely powerful, be warned.

Credits, Dragbody for his ability to take assets and rig them to another game and implementing the power armor into Fallout New Vegas.
None of his assets were used in this mod, so go grab it, this is only a ESP. No I'm not going to tell you where to get it.