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Rebalances the Multiplas Rifle and Tri-Beam Laser Rifle with a focus on making them play more like close range shotgun-type weapons. Both weapons have also been added to the Shotgun Surgeon perk (and, as a consequence, the And Stay Back perk if the player has Dead Money).

Permissions and credits
This mod makes several balance changes to the Multiplas Rifle and Tri-Beam Laser Rifle to make them behave more like close-to-medium-range shotgun-type weapons. Specifically, the spread is increased fairly significantly, the fire rate has been reduced, the weapons have been added to the Shotgun Surgeon perk, and both weapons have had the damage of each projectile set equal to the damage of a single shot from their more accurate counterpart (i.e. one projectile from the Multiplas Rifle now does the same damage as one shot from the Plasma Rifle and one projectile from the Tri-Beam Laser Rifle now does the same damage as one shot from the Laser Rifle).

If you have Dead Money, the weapons will also work with the And Stay Back perk. There is no way around this without creating horrible conflicts because it uses the Shotgun Surgeon form list.

The damage changes and perk benefits are intended to be balanced against the reductions in fire rate and increases in spread. The purpose of this mod is to make these two weapons more unique in their roles and to add an energy weapons option for shotgun-focused characters.

A version is available for use with the vanilla game. If you have Gun Runners' Arsenal, you can choose one of the files intended for users with that DLC.

None. Please report bugs in the comments if you find anything.

It may conflict with any mod that alters the Multiplas Rifle or Tri-Beam Laser Rifle. Other than that, it uses scripts, so it won't conflict with any mods that alter the base game form lists, etc.

A version is available for users of GunRunners Arsenal Integration Mod by Lopham that allows you to use this mod without reverting the changes made by that mod.

Only download ONE of the three files, depending on your preference. Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. To uninstall, delete the mod's file (the .esp) or uninstall using a mod manager.