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This is a Tale of Two Wastelands immersion mod that enhances the player character's dialogue to show they've traveled from the opposite Wasteland. This began as a private mod I was creating for myself just for fun, that I've decided to flesh out and release. Over 400+ lines of dialogue with 70+ NPCs will now reference your experiences abroad!

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: As of 8/22/22, this mod is now considered a "legacy version" of Lone Courier's Dialogue, meaning this is merely the original version of the mod from which other members of the modding community are free to build from, to improve upon the basic idea.

DCON4L has released a cleaned, current version of this mod that is TTW 3.3 compatible, that can be found here:


Thank you DCON4L for your hard work!

Note: This mod was created using the latest version of A Tale of Two Wastelands 3.2.2, and YUPTTW, and currently requires those files as masters. Alternate versions will be pending . . .

The Basics
I began this as a private mod for my own game that worked out pretty well, so I've decided to expand it for release on the Nexus.

This is a Tale of Two Wastelands immersion mod that updates over 400 player dialogue choices among 70+ NPCs to reflect the fact that your character traveled from the opposite Wasteland!

Includes dialogue changes for branching paths, so it is impossible to see every new line of dialogue in a single play through!

In addition to that, the dialogue choices have been fleshed out to make them more conversational, and less stunted for the purposes of player immersion, so that your dialogue choices sound more like what an actual person might say, instead of the usual stock phrases.

Also, many dialogue choices are now more specific to the person you're actually talking to, and once again sidesteps some of the same old stock questions/answers from person to person.

There are no requirements besides A Tale Of Two Wastelands, really, as this mod only changes player dialogue for immersion, and otherwise has no effect on the actual game play.

As straightforward as it gets. Simply drop the appropriate .ESP into your Fallout New Vegas Data Folder.

HOWEVER - Since this mod only changes the dialogue options when speaking to over 70+ NPCs, including companions, you should place it HIGHER in your load order, so that all other changes to NPCs and Companions will take precedence over this simple mod, as dialogue filters down.

For example, my load order is as follows, with this mod being HIGHER on the list than other NPC and Companion mods, so the dialogue filters down into NPC and Companion changes:

1 TTW Lone Courier Dialogue - DC Origins (You can use both, but for immersion, choose your wasteland of origin)
2 TTW Lone Courier Dialogue - Vegas Origins (You can use both, but for immersion, choose your wasteland of origin)
3 Companions Assemble! Dialogue Enhanced! (My own multiple companions mod, dialogue changes filter down)
4 Companion Sandbox Mode 3 (Lone Courier Dialogue filters into dialogue additions from this mod, showing both)
5 TRF Personal NPCs (Personal changes made to my NPCs. Dialogue changes filter into those changes)
6 TRF Personal Companions (Personal changes made to my Companions. Dialogue changes filter into those changes [see images section for examples of this working together, such as in the case of Veronica's dialogue])

!!!Basically, just place this mod higher in your load order than any other mods that otherwise change NPCs and Companions, and the new dialogue choices should filter down into those changes.

For the sake of convenience, the dialogue changes for both Wastelands are included in the single file, but for the sake of immersion, you should only use the file associated with your character's Wasteland of origin.

In other words, if you started your game in The Capital Wasteland, as recommended, then choose the file "TTW Lone Courier Dialogue - DC Origins", and your character will talk about their time in The Capital Wasteland with New Vegas NPCs.

On the other hand, if you chose to begin your journey in the Mojave Wasteland, then choose the file "TTW Lone Courier Dialogue - Vegas Origins", and your character will talk about having left for New Vegas, and living there, before returning to DC to look for James.

You are free to install both dialogue mods if you want, with no conflicts (I did,  but mainly for the purposes of testing), although from an immersion stand point that won't make much sense - but that's up to you! Use your imagination, or maybe you just want to see the new lines of dialogue between both wastelands? Have fun!

Since there are thousands of lines of dialogue and hundreds of NPCs, I'm leaving this mod open to community development if anyone wants to expand upon it, make changes and release their own version (such as dumb character dialogue choices, or perhaps sarcastic or insulting choices, etc.). All I ask for is credit if you use this mod as the base mod for any future changes, improvements, versions, etc.

The current version of this mod enhances dialogue across both Wastelands with over 70 NPCs, including everyone from James (Dad) to Colonel Autumn in DC, all the way from Doc Mitchell in Goodsprings to the Legate Lanius himself! However, please understand that the dialogue choices so far only reflect the places and people I've personally interacted with in my travels across the Wastes, and as time goes on, I will probably update this mod to include interactions with new people I simply haven't met yet, in places I haven't been.

As it stands, the changes only apply to the two core Wastelands, The Capital Wasteland and the Mojave, and doesn't yet cover adventures in DLCs.

Suggestions are welcome! Enjoy!


UPDATE LOG: Version 1.1 - Fixed a dialogue error with Ringo in GoodSprings where all three dialogue choices were exactly the same. Note: If you encountered this error with the original version, game progression is unaffected as Ringo's response is always the same regardless. Updated to preserve immersion.