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Deathclaws make ouchie.

When Deathclaws kill something, it now causes the target to decapitate a lot of the time.
Just gives Deathclaws the Bloody Mess perk.

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A Scriptrunner variant which does not require a .esp is included here:

Grulag's Library of Simple Scriptrunners

You'd think a Deathclaw, with it's sharp claws and teeth would rip-apart something it hits.. But it doesn't.

Well, now it does.

All this mod does is give Deathclaws (And Tunnelers) the Bloody Mess perk so that when it kills something it has a high chance to decapitate/dismember on death.

It looks pretty cool when it happens and with the way Deathclaws attack it's a little bit of added immersion.

This mod was originally made by DirtyBadger in 2015:

This version i have uploaded is a YUP-Fixed version, which simply forwards the fixes from YUP (albeit very minor.) But it's also 2019 and this could do with a re-release for getting it out there for those that want a little bit of gore in their game.

I forsee no conflicts at all with any mods on nexus, as all it does is give deathclaws a perk.
Any other mod that modifies Deathclaws somehow (Can't think of any mods that do and i've been through a lot of mods) might conflict.

This mod is very tiny and i can confidently say can be merged with no forseeable impact.