Fallout New Vegas
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After you take over Primm for the NCR, it seems they never send over that extra squad. This mod adds that extra squad.

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Ok so I lost the original Primm garrison file I made and instead of downloading it from my own page and editing that, I made a new one.  I think its better than the original anyway.  

I promise I'll actually update this mod this time.  Last time life got crazy and I didn't have time.  But things seem more stable now so I should be able to keep this one updated.

Planned Updates:
- Troopers will actually do something once I figure out how to make them do more than just stand there and shoot enemies.
- Town patrols
- Suggestions?

- I've made some of the troopers patrol the area.
- I've added a medic who will service you free of charge.

Planned Updates:
- Make the mod dependent upon completing My Kind of Town in favor of the NCR. (Make it 'lore friendly' for the NCR to add a squad.)