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Takes that taunting damaged prototype from X13 and lets you wear it!

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I have not placed the armor anywhere.  I can place it in X13 but that'll be a cell edit.  So let me know if anyone wants that.  
Otherwise you'll need to use the console the helmets code is: xx000B01

Adds the damaged prototype Stealth Suit Mk II helmet from X13 and makes it wearable.  Uses the completely stock asset with some minor nif tweaking to make it line up well as a helmet.

It is a light armor helmet with a rating of six.  

Armor rating and such is likely to change as I tweak it for my own use.  So it'll probably get a bit stronger :P

Should be compatible with everything I think.

Known Issues:
The helmet looks fine unless you are doing unarmed which causes it to clip through the body a bit.  
Sadly any and all clipping issues are unlikely to be fixed as I'm not much of a modeler.  This is a straight port of a stock asset into being a usable helmet.