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This mod adds a new fully-voiced recruitable companion to the game who can be leveled up and customized by the player.

Permissions and credits
GOG/JIP LN NVSE Compatibility
If you are running the GOG version of the game along with JIP LN NVSE, and experiencing an issue where the companion's Sneak skill gets boosted to over 100 upon loading a save, alienxing was able to consistently replicate the issue by isolating those two variables. The mod works as intended with JIP LN NVSE disabled, but as soon as it's enabled, loading a save with a Customizable Companion Framework character will cause the glitch. I don't use JIP LN NVSE when making my mods, so I don't know it well enough to fix the issue. Please get in contact if you can help.

The second in my series of followers built using my Customizable Companion Framework, Jessica is a Novice-tier character (low starting stats, weapons and equipment) that the player can recruit and mentor.

Character-wise, she's an intelligent, excitable, tomboyish grease monkey with a sarcastic streak. She was born, and has spent her entire life living in, a Vault. Jessica is cheerful, optimistic, and eager to leave the Vault and see the world.

Strength: 4
Perception: 6
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 5
Luck: 5

Tag Skills: Repair, Science, Lockpick

For the most up-to-date list of features, please check the description of my Customizable Companion Framework modder's resource.

Also included are two optional plugins for handling New Vegas DLC and/or Tale of Two Wastelands DLC. The plugins can be configured by changing the aaaGLOBKeepCompanion global variable using FNVEdit or the console (i.e. set aaaGLOBKeepCompanion to 1) By default, the companion will be sent home whenever you start a DLC. Setting the global to 1 will allow the companion to join you for certain DLCs:

Dead Money
  • Companion will have their inventory confiscated and replaced with a Dead Money jumpsuit and bomb collar.

Honest Hearts, Old World Blues & Lonesome Road
  • Companion will simply tag along

The Pitt
  • Companion will have their inventory confiscated (except for holdout weapons & ammo) and replaced with a slave outfit

Operation: Anchorage
  • Companion cannot join you in the simulation. Unless told to wait before entering the simulation, will be sent to home marker location

Point Lookout
  • Companion will simply tag along

Mothership Zeta
  • Companion will not be abducted along with you. Unless told to wait, will be sent to home marker location.

Also, if using the DLC or TTW plugins, be sure to rename the folder 'Data/sound/voice/FNV Customizable Companion (Jessica).esp' to match the name of whichever plugin you're using.

The companion can be found in Vault 21.

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas. Also, depending on which plugin you choose, the Data/sound/voice/FNV Customizable Companion (Jessica).esp/ folder may need to be renamed to match the plugin you're using.

Voice performance by Julianne M (http://www.juliannemeaneyvoice.com/)