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TRUE DETECTIVE: a retro character mod

Walk the mean streets of New Vegas as a private detective, from the pages of Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett. The mod includes an office apartment in Freeside, inside the east gate just past Mick and Ralph's. The office includes a bed, clean water, cooking facilities, and storage. You'll find clothing and equipment in your office. More can be constructed at a workbench.


Fallout New Vegas
Honest Hearts


Copy TrueDetective.esp and TrueDetective.bsa into your Fallout New Vegas data folder. Activate the mod.


Save your game, then deactivate and delete TrueDetective from your data folder.


NOTES: clothing and armor in this mod can be repaired with prewar clothing or leather armor. The black fedora includes a stealth field, active during sneaking. All the equipment in this mod is usable by either a male or a female character.


Mods which edit Freeside may conflict with the location of the office.

"True Detective" adds a 9mm Browning HiPower to the Grunt perk list and the Improved Holdout Weapons list. Version 1.2 implements this through a script, and should now be fully compatible with other mods.

Archive Invalidation is often necessary to make Fallout New Vegas mods work. That's available as a tool in the Fallout Mod Manager.


If you enjoy this mod, you might enjoy my "Gangbusters" retro character mod:

For retro character mods you might like to use the Pipboy Readius mod by Brianide, which removes the Pipboy glove and substitutes a hand-held tablet view:
The Readius requires the New Vegas Script Extender, which can be found here:
(If you intend to play a new game in Hardcore mode, don't activate the Readius mod until after you've left Doc Mitchell's house. If it's activated from the beginning, it interferes with choosing Hardcore. I've found no problems if you activate it later.)