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The greatest mind the Wasteland has ever known has just created his magnum opus: his own personal re-invention of the Big Empty. Now he's looking to hire someone who can help keep everything from falling apart.

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Ever since discovering the Big Mountain research facility and being greatly disappointing by it, the Mojave wasteland's most dangerous mind has sought to erect his very own research facility of a similar magnitude. Only this time, he wishes to fill this new "Big MT" with his own mad inventions and creations. 

This man is Dr. Disaster, and after years of scrapping together enough caps to fund his project, he has successfully realized his greatest dream: The Big MT 2!

Now he's looking to hire some henchman, and Courier 6 happens to be one of the people on his list of potential hires.

A pretty hefty paycheck it promised, but the danger is high. This new facility may be even more chaotic and deadly than the Big MT ever was. But that hasn't stopped the Courier before. The question is; what nasty secrets await anybody who finds themselves wandering this war torn crater, and what crimes against humanity will be found in the halls of this madman's masterpiece?

So this is quite possibility the biggest mod I've ever created, and it's more or less a sequel to the original Dr. Disaster mod; a Madman's Purpose. I also wanted to once again pay homage to Old World Blues; this whole mod is my take on the kind of stuff I'd want to do with a similar premise. With this mod, you can expect a wacky zaniness intrinsic to the classic mad scientist archetype along with a rather brutal setting best enjoyed by level 20 couriers and above. 

If you play this mod, you will find:

-A brand new world space! Full LOD and everything.
-Some new friends, along with several quests.
-Fully voiced cast! 
-Some new weapons!
-Some new interiors!
-A whole bunch of other little secrets! 
-new perks!
-Quite possibility a bug here and there

The mod is accessed by first going to Lunatic's Watch: a spot across the river from Cottonwood Cove. Talk to Argyle, the ghoul with the blue halo thing and he'll let you in on how you too can join the ranks of Dr. Disaster's henchmen. But beware; this job has a rather high mortality rate. I'm sure you'll be fine though.

Make sure to let me know what you guys think and if you find any issues; I try and fix all the bugs I come across but with a mod this big and a one person team, it's gonna take awhile to get around to everything. Regardless, I hope that you all enjoy and look forward to whatever else I can put out in the future!


Mod created by: Americanwierdo

Voice Talent:
Argyle: Cliff ‘Kinsmarck’ Davenport
Decade: French Dipp
Dr. Disaster: Americanwierdo
Dr. Demented: Americanwierdo
Dr. Perilous: Americanwierdo
Dr. Tempest: Itsazoefish
Dr. Blight: Judasbooth
Dr. Abomination: Americanwierdo
Dr. Poultrygiest: Cyberlyonz
Squirt: Danny Martian

Special thanks to Cellblock Psycho for helping me out with any specific questions and problems I had. Also, credit to him for the Big MT 2's texture.