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This mod adds a very simple hygiene system. You get dirty as you go and need to wash yourself from time to time. Visible dirt on your character now included.

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This mod adds a very simple hygiene system. You become more and more dirty as you go and need to wash yourself from time to time.
You can configure the mod with the .ini file provided.

How does it work ?
Gradually, your dirt level increases, granting you miscellaneous bonuses and penalties. You can then wash in the water or in a functional bathtub using or not soap. An animation will play.
Visible dirt : thanks to shaders, you can now see dirt on your character.

  • In the water:  Aim (right mouse button) and activate the water, you will have the choice between drinking or washing.
  • Functional bathtub: to be usable, a bathtub must be positioned flat (or almost flat) on the floor and be in the same cell as a source of drinking water. "Natural" water is therefore not taken into account. To wash, enter the bathtub and activate it to begin the operation. Be careful: if the drinking water source of the cell is irradiated, the water of your bath will be too... Note that Bathtub are dynamically converted from static item to activators. You can use them to drink too, like any water source.

Using soap
Soap can be crafted with 1 Broc Flower OR 1 Apple OR 1 Pear, 1 Turpentine and 1 Abraxo Cleaner. Crafting it requires Survival 50. This is the only way to get the "clean" status. Washing with water only gives the "normal" (vanilla) status. Soap feature can be enabled or disabled with the .ini file. When disabled, the "clean" status can not be reached. You can also find Soap in some containers.

Wash your face at sinks
You can refresh your face at sinks. Unlike bathtubs, this doesn't allow you to be cleaner, but simply to keep you longer at the dirt level you currently are, delaying the next dirty stage. Works on sinks, urinals, water dispensers etc. Aim (right mouse button) the sink and Activate it to use.

Funny Soap
New function. Enable this in the .ini file and enjoy seing NPCs slip on soaps. Funny and tactical.

Before doing that, be sure to not be under the Appaling status. It will cause issues related to the Animal hostile to player function. Other status should be ok but being 'normal' is the safest.

All mods using default vanilla bathtubs meshes are compatible. So TTW should be.
Some other mods should be compatible out of the box too.

Hygiene Levels and effects (those effects can be disabled in .ini, if you prefer having only visual features)
CleanCHR+2Sneak-15 (because of the soap perfume)
Normalnothing, vanilla game
Level 1 - Slightly dirtyCHR-1, Sneak+5 in interiors and exteriors
Level 2 - DirtyCHR-3Sneak+10 in exteriors only
Level 3 - Very dirtyCHR-5Sneak-10 in interiorsSneak+20 in exteriors
Level 4 - AppalingCHR-7Sneak-15 in interiorsSneak+25 in exteriorsAnimals not hostile to the player

Umpa for the washing animation and soap mesh
soulsurrender for HD dirt textures (optional)