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This mod adds a very simple hygiene system. You get dirty as you go and need to wash yourself from time to time. Visible dirt on your character now included.

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03/2020 : quickly added version without stats' effect (see optionnal files)

This mod adds a very simple hygiene system. You become more and more dirty as you go and need to wash yourself from time to time.
You can configure the mod with the .ini file provided.

How does it work ?
Gradually, your dirt level increases, granting you miscellaneous bonuses and penalties. You can then wash in the water or in a functional bathtub using or not soap. An animation is playing.
Visible dirt : thanks to shaders, you can now see dirt on your character (v1.2 and up).

No soap
  • In the water:  Aim and activate the water, you will have the choice between drinking or washing.
  • Functional bathtub: to be usable, a bathtub must be positioned flat (or almost flat) on the floor and be in the same cell as a source of drinking water. "Natural" water is therefore not taken into account. To wash, enter the bathtub and place the cursor on it. A message should appear telling you that you can wash yourself. Hold down the ACTIVATION key for a few moments to begin the operation. Be careful: if the drinking water source of the cell is irradiated, the water of your bath will be too... All mods using default vanilla bathtubs are compatible.
Your character will automatically stop washing once completely clean but you can use the GRAB key to force the end of the operation: this allows you to maintain the desired level of hygiene.

Using soap
Soap can be crafted with 1 Whiskey, 1 Turpentine and 1 Abraxo Cleaner. You can use it 5 times. To wash yourself with soap, place yourself in the water or in a functional bathtub (and point the cursor on it) and use the soap (aid section of your pip-boy). This is the only way to get the "very clean" status. Washing with water only gives the "normal" status.

Wash your face at sinks
Enable or disable this feature in the .ini file. Allow you to wash yourself at sinks. Unlike bathtubs, this doesn't allow you to be cleaner, but simply to keep you longer at the level of dirt you are. Works on sinks, urinals, water dispensers etc. Aim the sink and press the ACTIVATE key to use.

You can configure Flies Sounds in the .ini NEW in v1.3.5


Hygiene Levels 

Very Clean :      | CHR+2 | Barter+5 | Speech+5 | Sneak-15 in interiors (because of the soap perfume) |
Normal :            nothing, vanilla game
Level 1 - Slightly dirty :   | CHR-1 | Barter-2 | Sneak+10 in interiors and exteriors |
Level 2 - Dirty :                | CHR-3 | Barter-5 | Speech-2 | Sneak-5 in interiors (because of your smell) | Sneak+15 in exteriors |
Level 3 - Very dirty :        | CHR-5 | Barter-10 | Speech-5 | Sneak-15 in interiors | Sneak+20 in exteriors |
Level 4 - Atrocious :        | CHR-7 | Barter-15 | Speech-10 | Sneak-25 in interiors | Sneak+23 in exteriors | Animal Friend rank 1 |
Level 5 - Appalling :        | CHR-10 | Barter-25 | Speech-25 | Sneak-50 in interiors | Sneak+25 in exteriors | Animal Friend rank 2 |

Animal Friend effect works like the perk of the same name : at rank 1, the animals are not hostile to you. At rank 2, they will help you in combat! Barton Thorn hates this feature.

From level 3 you will be able to hear flies from time to time ...

Controllers are supported (v1.1)

What you will not find in this mod (but I will maybe work on it) :
HUD integration to see your dirt level
Visible dirt on your character (added in 1.2 version)
Visible water in a bathtub

Credits : 
Belthan for the washing animation
soulsurrender for optional textures (far better than mine)