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A simple redesign to the interior of the Fishing Lodge in Zion with the intent of creating a cozy, fully functional player home.

Permissions and credits

None currently. If you saw my brief update that I needed to double-check none of the containers are set to respawn, this has now been checked and confirmed -- version 1.0 is still safe to use, with all non-respawning containers.


Pretty much what it says on the tin: the fishing lodge in Zion Canyon is converted into a functional player home. Nothing too special or fancy; my intent with this mod was to create a space that feels lived-in and full of story and character, without deviating too much from the feel of the original location. A great deal of clutter and decor has been added to give a sense of the people who used this place as a hangout and bar before the war, and whatever opportunist managed to drag a bed here and make a cozy home of it.

The majority of the original furniture and loot has remained where it was originally located, with some added clutter.

/Amenities include/

-Many storage containers (placed with aesthetic in mind over organization)

-Clean water sources

-Workbench + reloading bench

-Campfire station (the stew pot by the fire)

-Some containers have loot tables!

-A portal back to the Mojave if you want to use the lodge as a long-term player home (somewhat immersion breaking)
-This feature is really the main reason the mod is marked Not Lore-Friendly.

-Lots of booze?

/Additional notes/

-The geckos originally located in the home have been removed. If this is an issue I can always add them back lmao.

-All other HH-related content (locked cabinet with a quest item, a marker for a conversation with Follows-Chalk) has been left untouched.

-The fire in the fireplace may appear dark, exiting and re-entering sometimes makes it appear more vivid.

-There's some minor decoration down by the Wind Fall Docks below the cliff, nothing impressive.

-Whether entering Zion from the lodge without starting the DLC properly breaks anything is untested. Unfortunately I don't have the know-how to set markers to hide the portals back and forth between the Mojave and the Lodge until the main quest is done; the portal is a convenience in case you like the place and want to come back and continue using it (if the immersion-breaking doesn't bother you) but I recommend leaving it alone until you've done the DLC questline, just to be safe.


New Vegas

Honest Hearts


1) Copy the .esp and the meshes folder into your Data folder

2) activate the .esp in the data menu or your mod manager of choice

3) enjoy!


1) Make sure you are outside the lodge, just to be safe.

2) Disable the .esp in the data menu or your mod manager

3) Delete the .esp file from your Data folder

4) Delete the FishingLodgeHome folder from your meshes directory

//Inb4 questions//

"Can you add--"
Probably not, no. Unless there are any bugs, I'm not taking any requests.

"I wish some of these statics were movable/lootable. Can you make a version without the statics?"
Nope. I wanted them to be static decorations, and so they're static decorations. There's plenty of other lootables, and I left some shelf space to place a few of your own items.

"[Blank] is BROKEN!!! FIX IT!!!!!"
Naw. Not with that attitude. I made this for fun and you're not paying me, nor am I holding a gun to your head and making you use it -- if something is messed up, screaming like a poorly socialized kindergartner ain't gonna motivate me to help you.


Thanks to Jokerine for use of various custom meshes from this resource pack!