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Port of More Map Markers for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3+. Adds map markers to many existing places, some for convenience, others to assist exploration.

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CAUTION: This mod WILL NOT WORK for Fallout: New Vegas without Tale of Two Wastelands

You DO NOT need the original More Map Markers mod, this port is entirely standalone


This is a port of More Map Markers for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3 and above.This mod adds dozens of new map markers throughout places of interest in the D.C area and throughout the Capital Wasteland, which, just like vanilla map markers, are initially undiscovered at the start of the game.

It also modifies some existing map markers, or adds new markers in already existing big locations for convenience:

  • Adds a marker to the door of the Megaton House.
  • Adds a marker to the balcony door of the Tenpenny Suite.
  • Adds a marker to the Paradise Falls plaza.
  • Moves the Megaton marker to the door of Craterside Supply.
  • Moves the Rivet City marker to the door of the Marketplace, across the bridge.

Make All Original and New Markers Visible

Upon leaving Vault 101 for the first time, you will be prompted ONCE to download all map markers to the pipboy via a satellite transmission. This automatically adds the "Explorer Perk" for the new added map markers. ALL map markers in the Mojave & Capital wastelands, and all Fallout 3 + NV DLC worldspaces will have their map markers made visible, but undiscovered (so you know where they are, but you still have to travel to them to discover them and unlock fast travel to those locations.)

Enclave Map Markers

When the Enclave shows up during Fallout 3's main quest, new markers for Enclave locations and Points of Interest (like Camps or Vertibird Drop Zones) will become available for discovery. A second download prompt will occur, and again, you will be presented with a choice to make these visible upon accepting the transmission, or not, should you wish to discover them yourself.

Installation - With Mod Manager (Recommended)

Download the file and activate with the mod manager of your choice.

Installation  - Manual (Not Recommended)

Extract the contents of the archive to the Fallout: New Vegas/data folder and activate the esp file using either the Fallout New Vegas launcher or mod manager of your choice.


Uninstallation during an existing playthrough is NOT recommended. It may break your game or cause crashing if you remove the mod mid-playthrough.

To uninstall otherwise, remove via the usual uninstallation methods of choice for the mod manager you are using, or manually delete the files contained within the download archive.