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This mod overhauls the entire explosives in the game by overhauling every explosion sounds with authentic recordings, dynamic location and distance system all according to how much a punch each explosive is packing.

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Hello everyone ! I'm back with another audio overhaul mod but this time the content is much bigger and consistent.

I'm bringing you the All Explosion Sounds Overhaul (AESO) ! 

I am hundred percent sure that every one of you got tired of hearing the same weak explosion sound effects for every explosion in the game. From powerful Frag Grenade to less powerful Powder charge they all sounded the same! But this all changes with this mod and changes are mind blowing (pun intended).

AESO introduces:

Power Difference
  - This is the main goal of the mod. Since explosives vary in power, sounds will now too. Each explosive that is in the game has new authentic sound corresponding with its power. This isn't just for explosives that stand out such as dynamite or frag grenade. I went as far as creating different sound sets for explosive ammunition types such as 25mm Grenade, 40mm Grenade, Missiles and much much more. For example, regular 25mm Grenade and HE variant of it also has audible differences because HE is more powerful than the standart ammunition. I don't want to spoil much just go into game and switch between (GRA) Fat Man's ammo types and you'll hear ;)

Accurate Explosion Sound Distance - Which means there is a different sound file combination for different distances. Explosions that are right below your feet will have the heart shaking punch, bass and surface debris sound all over your face, however, it's a different story for the distant explosions.

Accurate Sound Location - This is something i don't see in other explosion replacement mods sadly. So i had to step up. Each explosion sound you will hear in this mod is dynamic which means sound will originate from exactly where the explosion is.

Now for the second part of this mod:

AESO also adds a whole new set of sounds for the handling of every explosives. Ranging from Grenade Equip sounds to C4 Arming and throwing sounds. All handling sounds are made according to how heavy the projectile is and what it contains. For example Bottlecap Mine will have audible coin rattling sounds when equipping it.

And lot more additions that i haven't mentioned...

I worked really hard on this. This took more work than anyone can probably guess :P anyways i hope you find this enjoyable!

There's only one limitation that held me back a lot it's the limitations of the engine. Which only allows MONO explosion sounds. But don't worry i optimized sounds to feel very high quality and loud!

This mod does not replace energy explosion sounds because of limited equipment and skill i have. It's just way out of my skill level to create new unique and different sounds for each energy explosions.

I will continuously update this mod to add new stuff but also don't forget to write down your feedbacks and let us know if you face with any bugs or glitches.

With this mod released i'm proud to announce that All Weapon Sounds Overhaul 2 is almost done and it's perfectly compatible with this mod it's best to use them together to get the full experience ! They will forever change the battlefields in Fallout: New Vegas.

Thank you all very much for supporting me since the day i released my first Fallout: New Vegas mod All Weapon Sounds Overhaul 1 I can't thank you enough! Since then i greatly improved my sound design skills and knowledge of creating mods. Expect to see more huge mods in the future! :D