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Aims to add cowboys that herd packs of mole rats, brahmin, and Bighorners from settlement to settlement. Also adds cowboy camps throughout the Wasteland.

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I've always felt New Vegas lacked a very Cowboy feel, lots of caravans and a few farmers but where are all the Brahmin steaks coming from?! Home On The Wastes adds cowboys that herd animals from settlement to settlement, usually off road due to animals liking to graze as they travel.  This mod also adds cowboys to many of the settlements, as well as cowboy camps throughout the wasteland.  This is mainly just a small little immersion mod that doesn't change much to the actual dynamics of the game but I feel adds a nice little touch.

What does this mod add?

Cowboy Herding Routes:
Mojave Outpost-Primm
Wolfhorn Ranch-Mojave Outpost
Jacobstown-Red Rock- Goodsprings
188- Novac
Grub N Gulp- Freeside Entrance- Westside

Cowboy Camps:
Boulder City- a day after boulder city showdown is completed
Spring Mt. Ranch State Park
Outside of Primm
Wolfhorn Ranch
Highway Contruction site near Helios One
Gas Station near El Dorado

Settlements Cowboys are in:
188 Trading Post