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Extra carry weight, without the hassle. Companion's free inventory space is directly applied to the player's carry weight.

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Convenient Companion Inventory

All the benefits of your companion's extra carry weight, without the hassle of inventory management.

  • Your companion's available inventory space is now directly applied to the player as a carry weight increase. You'll no longer have to constantly exchange your loot back and forth, leaving you with more time to play.
  • Fully dynamic - the weight of the items your companions are holding are subtracted from the carry weight increase that is applied to the player. This means that no matter how you distribute items among your companions, you'll effectively have the same maximum inventory space available at all times.
  • Supports any combination of companions, including those added by mods.
  • Lightweight - does not have expensive scripts running on every frame, and is event-based.

  • Requires NVSE and JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  • You can view the current carry weight increase in the Pip-Boy's STATS > EFF screen.
  • The carry weight increase only applies to companions who are actively following you. If a companion is set to wait, or if you've otherwise left them somewhere else, you won't get their carry weight increase until they're following you again. Of course you'll always have the option of giving them your loot manually.

Known issues

  • Getting an overencumbered notification when loading a savegame, despite not actually being overencumbered. This happens when your inventory weight exceeds your personal inventory capacity, as the game doesn't seem to account for the companion inventory boost at that time. Can be safely ignored until I find a fix.
  • When you're trading with a companion, the number that indicates the player's total carry weight isn't accurate. I have yet to investigate how to make it display the total carry weight correctly, but for now this can be safely ignored as it doesn't affect anything outside this menu.

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