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Makes merchant restocking slightly more frequent (from 2 days per week up to 3) for people who use a slower timescale or who want to be able to sell their stuff more often.

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This mod REQUIRES NVSE. Download it here: nvse.silverlock.org

UPDATE v1.1: Fixes a bug where, if reloading the game on a Tuesday or Wednesday, merchants would restock their inventories on Wednesday as they do in the vanilla game, in addition to Tuesday and Thursday.

In the base game, all merchants are set to restock their inventories and caps on Sunday and Wednesday at midnight, a gap of either 72 or 96 hours, depending on the day of week. I personally use a slower timescale than the default of 30, and as such it took longer for the time between restocks to pass; I was able to loot more in a given amount of real time, but the caps that merchants had available to buy my loot was the same as in vanilla. However, I didn't want a mod that would let merchants restock every day, as I felt that was overpowered and unrealistic.

Thus, this mod was born. Instead of the default restock on Sunday and Wednesday, this mod changes merchants to restock their inventories on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It may be a subtle change, but it should make a big enough difference to remove the annoyance of finding merchants to sell all your loot to without being able to pick up every random piece of junk in the wastes and easily finding a merchant to sell it to. 

Of course, it's not just caps that get reset; merchant inventories also get refreshed, potentially making it slightly easier to find that weapon mod you've been looking for for sale.

If anyone wants any other versions made, for even more (or potentially less) restocking, let me know and I'll try to get it made. If you do want merchants to restock every day, Cyberlazy made a mod called Daily Vendor Restock that does just that.

Note that in order for the script to function and trigger the restock on the proper days, you MUST let the game run for at least 3 in-game minutes (5-6 seconds) every Monday and Wednesday outside of any menus. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone unless you're literally waiting for 24 hours at a time to get merchants to restock their inventory.