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Wastelandloner - Roy Batty

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Adds 40+ locations to the DC Wasteland, compatible with TTW Interiors, AWOP4FO3 and The Regulators.

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This mods adds a load of new interiors to buildings around the wasteland, accessible buildings can be identified by new doors and some exterior changes such as signs or barricaded windows. It is fully compatible with TTW Interiors, TTW A World of Pain 4 FO3 and TTW The Regulators.
Some buildings have been made into camps for various factions. Certain places where NPC's would repeatedly spawn, like in the middle of a road, will now most likely have a building inhabited by that faction close by.

Wastelandloner built this mod as an extension to 'Kentbury Way', so this mod contains all of that as well.
This file just contains an esm.


Opposite Wilhelms Wharf, as well as one on the other side of the water.
All along stretch of road from Arlington Library up to the Red Racer factory.
Next to Red Racer car park.
Southwest of Grayditch, near the mole rat racing raiders.
Outside of Rivet City, by the metro entrance.
Big building right next to Super-Duper Mart.
East of Farragut metro station, row of buildings overlooking a mutant camp.
Several buildings East and West of the Chryslus building.
Several Houses east of Bethesda Ruins.

TTW Version with permission was converted, cleaned up, bug fixed and changed to an ESM with care by Roy Batty.