Fallout New Vegas
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Adds a witness system to the game to simulate more realism.

Permissions and credits
JIP LN NVSE Plugin (v55.30 or newer)
JohnnyGuitar NVSE (v3.45 or newer)
UIO - User Interface Organizer (v2.30 or newer)

  • NPCs will now remember seeing the player.
  • NPCs will now remember seeing a dead ally.
  • If they have recently seen both the player and a dead ally, they will become hostile and be marked as a witness.
  • If you let the witness live, they will eventually notify their faction about the death (Infamy Gained).
  • If your reputation title with a faction is vilified or you have been recently reported, you'll become a shoot-on-sight threat.

Details above can be modified by downloading and installing "The Mod Configuration Menu"

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