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This mod adds a top-feeding fully-automatic 10mm carbine to the game.

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*** This weapon is now also available in a Mega-Pack with my other standalone weapons ***

I bet you took one look at the thumbnail and thought, "WTF? That's just a Marksman Carbine," didn't you? Well, surprise! This weapon was inspired by the AR-57 upper receiver kit for the AR-15 that adapts it to use the 5.7x28mm cartridge, feeding from standard P90 magazines.

I started with the base game Marksman Carbine mesh and hacked away major sections of the frame until it could fit the 12.7mm Submachine Gun magazine. I also added the 12.7mm SMG's charging handle and a look-through red-dot sight before finally converting the weapon to use the 12.7mm SMG's handling, firing and reload animations.

Gameplay-wise, this weapon is fully-automatic and chambered for 10mm. It does about 15% more damage than the 10mm SMG and with lower spread, due to the longer barrel (A longer barrel means higher muzzle velocity, which means higher damage and better in-flight bullet stability). It can be modded with a 10mm Pistol silencer. I've also added the weapon to all the appropriate form lists, so that all perks and challenges that affect submachine guns, such as The Professional, will work as expected. It can be repaired with either itself, the 12.7mm SMG, the Marksman Carbine or the Assault Carbine.

The weapon can be purchased from the Gun Runners, Mick's secret inventory, or various other vendors selling Tier 4 weapons (like the Sniper Rifle, Trail Carbine, etc.). You can also craft it yourself at any workbench using a Marksman Carbine and a 12.7mm SMG, with a Repair skill of 75 or higher and the Jury Rigging perk. Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you can always use the following console commands (Substitute ## with the number of the mod in your load order):

player.AddItem ##000ADE 1 ;Gives 1 Top-Feeding Carbine

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas.