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This mods replaces the Legion armor and weapons with Killzone armors, and NCR armor and weapons with some resembling ISA, this mod contains few assets and it's mostly cosmetic for roleplay

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So, Killzone, a awesome franchise stuck behind exclusivity for the Playstation, fortunatly thanks to our modding community i was able to combine a few mods to make the killzone like universe a little closer.

This mod aims to replace all members of Ceaser's Legion with Helghast's from Killzone 2/Killzone 3 and the BRII *UPDATE, or the real Sta-52* as their weapon of choice(altho they still use some vanilla weapons), and the members of the NCR with ISA soldiers, altho since there is no ISA armor mods, i choosed some look a like armors and the SA80-L85a2 *UPDATE, or the real M85g* as their weapons since the l85 looks a lot like the M82g they use in the game, the change is mostly cosmetic but it also affects gameplay, the new armors *UPDATE, and weapons if you choose the new version* has different stats in comparison with the vanilla armors because this is not a replacer, and this can make the game somewhat harder if you side against the legion since they now don't use melee weapons anymore(some still use them), instead they use machineguns(the BRII Or the Sta-52) and sometimes flamethrowers, miniguns and other heavy weaponry, to suit the Helghast style better(at least they are supposed to), same goes for the Ncr.

In this mod no vanilla assets are replaced whatsoever, the vanilla weapons and armor are still intact in the game, this is also script free, all i did was modify the leveled lists and some npc's directly so that they would wear/use the armors/weapons i wanted, and the story is untouched, so you can play the game normally for both factions or against them.
As i said before, this mod is mostly just a .esp with some edit's on the leveled lists and npc's, and the ISA Armor i compiled and edited myself from a resource. with the textures needed, so you will have to download the following mods to make it work:

THESE ARE MANDATORY, WITHOUT THESE YOUR NPC'S WILL APPEAR IN UNDERWEAR!!!(Or naked if you have body replacers, and unnarmed mostly, or with the vanilla equipment).


For the old version with the l85 and the BRII:

Bullpup Weapons Pack By:jhardingame

Killzone Fallout New Vegas Mod (this one is out of nexus for copyright reasons probably)

SA80 - L85A2 by Tuxek

For the new version with the real killzone weapons:

Killzone Fallout New Vegas Mod (this one is out of nexus for copyright reasons probably)

Killzone Weapons:

This mod should be compatible with everything as long as it does not change the leveled lists of the Legion and NCR or specific npc's inventory from both faction (example, a mod that changes caesar's inventory somehow) it won't crash the game or anything, i can override my changes and some npcs may appear naked or wearing something not Helghast/ISA

Load my mod BELOW the required mods for it to work!!!!

Plans for the future:
-Maybe replace all the banners and flags with Helghast/ISA logos/emblem.

-Maybe replace the required weapons with costume ones.
(if i ever get the hang of blender(That program has some kinda retarded controls tbh))

-Maybe make a version with killzone gun sounds for the isa/helghast weapons.

-Maybe Replace the Heavy ISA armor with something that looks better. (i liked the armor at first, but personally after seeing it on rangers i started disliking it a lot)

Give me some feedback in the comments if you have any ideas or want any of the above ideas implemented.

Why does this mod need to be loaded below the requirements?
Why? because the game reads mots from Top to bottom, and it need the resources before it can implement my changes, so if he tries to give a NRC the armor i gave them, and the mod that contains the armor is still to be loaded the game won't know what to do, and it will cause serious issues.

Why won't you upload everything the mod needs instead of making me download all these mods that i don't want?
Well, because these assets belong to other authors, not to me, so i can't re-upload them like that, and that would make this mod much larger in file size, and in the case that you already use any of those mods, it would create duplicates, but don't worry, for what i saw, none os these mods affects the game that much, the Killzone armors are placed in the player inventory as soon as you /load your save/start a new game/ and no one uses them in the game, the SA80 is only found hidden in the game, no one uses it so it's completly optional, and the Bullpup weapons Pack are found just at vendors, so you don't need to use the contents of those mods if you don't want to.

I Know, i made it a few days after making this mod because i luckly found a ripped asset and learned how to mess with nifscope :) thank me later.
I Also ported it to new vegas with planes to use it in my new version *Already uploaded* ;)

Will you make a version that does not need any required mods?
Probably not, mostly because the Helghast armors are a ripped asset and are "perfect" for the roll they play in this mod, i wanted to remove the requires weapon mods listed above by making my own bullpup weapons (mostly because i think the bullpups are too short and should be longer to avoind npc grabbing into nothing), i tried to edit the Assault Carabine from the vanilla game to make it Bullpup, but the result didn't work very well since i'm not very skilled with blender, i edited the vanilla weapon and it was looking good but in game it did not work correctly, the clip stoped being animated for some reason, the bullets started appearing from the player chest instead of the tip of the gun, and the weapon stopped making sound for some reason, i may mess with blender a little more in the future but until then it's unlikely i will ever succed without knowing how to work with blender and nifscope.

Does this mod change anything from the required mods? i saw that the Sa80 L85a2 that the NCR uses is called "M82g ISA" and has a Green Dot Eotech sight installed by default!
No, i made sure the required mods remained intact for those who want to use them normally, so what i did is that i made a copy of the gun entry from the G.e.c.k and edited some values and some models/textures/sounds.
(Example: i made a clone and swapped the default sa80 model that had the ironsight for the eotech version so that the default had a eotech instead of the default ironsight but this only affects the variant the NCR uses, and it's still moddable for another scopes that the mod provides, the original is untouched, i also edited the texture directly in the creation kit so the eotech with a green dot is exclusive to the NCR version).

I Installed all the required mods correctly and placed your mod below them, but NCR/LEGION appear in underwear/unnarmed!
Well, something went wrong there, but make sure you have the mods correctly installed, if you do, try putting them in the same order i had while making the mod:

Jmod Bullpup pack.esp (i used V1.1)
Killzone2Armors.esp      (i don't think this has version :v)
L85a2.esp       (i used v1.0)

If the problem pressist... well, grab your computer and throw it out of the window :v idk sorry :( it should work, maybe one or more of the required mods suffered a update that changed the items or something, check the version's, if so let me know to maybe patch it somehow and download older versions until then :v

There are still some Legion/NCR Soldiers wearing the default armor!
Please take their name and console ID if you can and put it into the bug section for me to check it out, there are countless leveled lists that affect these factions and i did the best i could but in the sea of information that is the G.E.C.K it's easy to miss something, especially named npc's are likely to wear the vanilla equipment because they are not affected by the Leveled lists and require me to edit them directly one by one, and i don't know the name of all of them unfortunatly.

Some guys from the Legion/NCR still use their vanilla weapons/headgear while some use the new weapons, is this a bug.
There are just too many individual npcs and leveled lists so it takes a lot of time to find them all, but i think it's not a problem for the NCR to use the service rifle sometimes, since it's a Wasteland they can't afford arming everyone with the stardart weapon XD, but if that botters you that much leave a comment with the ID's of the npcs, for the headgear, i decided to leave some NCR soldiers still with their berrets so that you could tell that they are not regular troopers, in the legion only the important members have a slightly different white armor to them that i did so that you could destinguish from the  rest, Caesar and Lanius use exclusive armors to them, please just don't scare yourself when you face the legate in the final battle xD.

Will you edit the flags, banners and marks from both factions?
I Would but that's a little time consuming and i'm very lazy, i did this mod mostly to learn how to use leveled lists and how they worked, making the mod as light as possible, but i also know how to replace textures so i may try to do it when i have time/mood to do so, it may depend on the mod success, if i see no one wants to use i won't bother, give me some feedback in the comments if you want this

Important Legion members look so "Generic" on those Helghast armor, they should stand apart more!
Well unfortunatly i don't have more models, the killzone armor mod only has 4 models so i need to use them the best i can, i made so that most units use the helghast infantry armor, and higher ranked ones use the assault armor, and very important/high rank one use a variant that looks heavier with fur around the neck, the named npc use that same armor but it's white with strips on the helmet, Caesar is the only that uses the Helghast Melee Assassin(Capture) armor from KZ3, but i may end up editing the textures a bit for the unique/very important characters to set them appart from the rest if the mod gets enough attention, leave me some feedback in the comments if you want this.

So the ISA armor comes from someone elses assets?? you said this mod did't re-uploaded other author assets!
Thats true, but this is a special case, the mains ISA armor assets come from JoOs MODERN Armory and the Heavy variant from Crier 2.0 Heavy armor, the first mod page says it's a free resource for other users to use, and since the original mod is 150mb+ i decided it was best to just upload the ISA on my own to make it smaller since i only use 3 or 4 assets from that mod it would be a bit overkill to make you download 150mb worth of assets to use just one or 2 armors, and the Crier 2.0 does not especify anything so i also took the liberty to upload it to avoid making it one more requirement, but i think they are great mods and you should check them out, i linked them just click the names above.

The Helghast need the muffled respirator radio voice they have in the original game, it's a must have!
And i Agree with you but that requires me to duplicate the voice packs in the Geck and edit the sound files from their lines since there is no other way to make them speak like the helghast, and that's a lot of work, there are hundreds of lines of voice acting that would need to be edited, and i also don't know how to make that radio/respirator sound effect on audacity or anything, so if someone wants to do it, feel free to do so and upload it on nexus and make this mod a requirement, or send me to me to upload and credit you if you want, but for the sake of it i enabled option that the power armors use that changes the voice slightly to fit it a litle better, it's not as deep as the helghast but its better right?.

Is this mod lore-friendly?
Not even a bit friend, modern weapons, futuristic si-fi armors, no my friend sorry but you can role-play with it, just imagine that after the first war the some helghast ran away to survive and came to earth, the ISA discovered this and sent a ship to Earth, but unfortunatly the ship was attacked by a alien mothership and crashed, leaving the ISA stuck on a apocalyptic world with no way to comunicate with the rest, so they started settling, the same with the helghast, their old colonization ships didn't survive the landing so they are stuck on Earth too, they happened to come to the Mojave and drove caesar's legion away, taking their fort, and weakened the NCR due to their superiority in both tactics, and equipment, the ISA Came after but it was already too late, so they took the NCR as part of them to fight the Helghast.

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