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This mod adds several new modern army combat armors and helmets (ACU, WL, MC)

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Hey guys. There will be no updates from me to this mod, but luckily gir489 has fixed some of the issues you mentioned. Check his updated version: JoOs MODERN Armory by Gir489


JoO's Modern Armory (by JackoO)

version 1.1

Patch 1.1:
Fixed clipping problems
Fixed invisible arms in 1st person

Added MC-Camo style
Added SWAT Armor (Blue, Red, Grey, Green, MC)
Added SWAT Helmet

Added bunker-room to Doc Mitchels House
removed content chest

Added Content of JackoOs Military Equipment from Fallout 3 (mainly Woodland Camo Armors)


This mod adds several armors and clothes with ACU, WL, and MC. It also adds my content from the "JackoOs Military Equipment" F3 mod to Fallout NV. There is NO SHOP, NO QUEST, just the armor chests! The chests are located in Doc Mitchels house. Search for the "secret" (not really) bunker room.

no dlc - requirement
(no weapons - seen on screens - included!)


Because im focusing my time for modding on skyrim, i wanted to release my latest WIP - a modern Army combat uniform. My former plan was to release a NCR replacement - but i havent completed it.
Sadly i have no time to complete all my plans for that army uniform (Quest mod etc.), but ill release it for now! Have fun with it!

this mod includes:
- new combat armor
- different Skins (ACU trooper, ACU delta, WL)
- brandnew combat helmets
- retextured hats and head wraps
- much more variations!

Copy files to "yourFalloutNewVegasfolder"\\Data\
Start Fallout NV Launcher,check the JoOArmory.esp and startgame

uncheck JoOArmory.esp in fallout NV launcher
delete the .esp file and the following:


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3, Fallout NV and the Geck
Thanks to cgtextures.com
"One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information"
Thanks to fallout3nexus
Thanks to all creators of blender
Thanks to all creators of niftools

Modders Credit:

Antistar (for parts of his Dragonskin Tactical Outfit- mainly his variations of the Tactical vest an holster)
alexscorpion (for his work on the holster used by Antistar)
Ohnomelon (Tactical Vest - see above)
SpeedyB64 (Bunker Ressources from "Speedy Resources")
Kaya (Scarf)
Kikaimegami (mask)
TG (variations on the tactical vest)

This is meant as a modder ressource!! Please use it in your very own mod if you want! Im very interested where my mods are used, so please at least send me a pm (xxxNEOxxx at NEXUS) with a link to your mod and give me credit (JackoO) for my work.

For all objects modified with base fallout resources: all rights reserved to bethesda softworks


Feel free to contact me if you wanna report any bugs! (But please dont ask for just one simple retexture or little modification on any part!)

I take no responsibility for any harm to your computer or your personal life that occured by using these files