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Work for the Bureau for Extra-Typical Activity to eliminate alien threats.

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Work for the Bureau for Extra-Typical Activity, an agency that is tasked with hunting down and eliminating extraterrestrial threats to Earth. This mod features aliens (duh), spaceships, genetic hybrids, and more crude humor than you can shake a pointy stick at.

Quest Start Location:

The Bureau is located at the back of Camp McCarran (see screenshots). Go in and talk to Col. Danvers to start the quest.


-6 short quests jam packed with alien ass-kickin'.

-Several new weapons as well as some returning old ones.

-An armored business suit so you can kick ass in style.

-A vendor who sells alien weaponry and ammo.

-Fully voice-acted dialogue.

Known Bugs/Issues:

-If you're getting crashes in combat-heavy areas, download NVAC! It prevents the majority of crashes related to the alien NPCs.


Q: Is this an NCR-affiliated quest?

A: No, it's not. It might be a bit tricky to play though if you've got Camp McCarran hostile to you.

Q: My game's crashing constantly in the areas that have a lot of aliens! HALP PLS

A: As stated above, download NVAC. It should fix any crashing issues.

Q: Is this lore friendly?

A: Maybe. Depends whether you think that aliens are lore-friendly or not.

Voice Credits:

Joshua L Belmonte - Col. Danvers

Sharon Grunwald - Dr. Carter

Wyatt Henry - Rip Rowsdower

A full credits list can be found in the permissions tab.