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Fixes lots of typos, misplaced punctuation, unnatural dialog, organizational issues, and inconsistencies from the main game in the Shogo Heavy Industries mod.

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Shogo Heavy Industries - Grammar and Misc. Fixes
Shogo Heavy Industries is a fun mod with a focus on super-strong, over-the-top weapons and armor. There's a fair variety of big guns, melee weapons, and even support turrets. However, the original mod is laced with spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other such grammar errors. Lots of names are shortened a little much for my tastes, and I also felt lots of it could be renamed to better fit in with the vanilla game, or just be easier to sift through in the inventory/vendor GUI. There's not a ton of dialog, but what's there feels a bit unnatural.

So, what's changed?
All the incorrect grammar, typos, misspellings, incorrect capitalization, etc. etc. etc. that I could find were fixed. Melee weapons were renamed to have what kind of overall weapon they were come first, and then their describing features second(e.g. Laser Katana, Extended, Overcharged) in order to make finding them easier. All schematics, weapon mods, and the like were renamed to reflect any changes I made, and also sometimes to just properly state the whole name of the weapon they were meant for. 
Almost all dialog has been revised to also have correct grammar, as well as just sound more natural in my opinion.
I also changed the objective on the simple "Finding Shogo" quest to sound a bit more interesting, and roughly point you in the right direction for finding the vendor.
And, to top it off, I fixed the missing mesh bug on the Sentry Turret Repair Wrench!

New in v2.0
A lot of recipes have been hidden unless you have their main component on hand(e.g. recipes for adding components to weapons don't show up unless you're carrying that weapon). Sentry turret wrenches now have a better repair list. For specifics and some other minor changes, check the changelog.

I'm not sure how compatible my patch will be with either the 20mm Nerf or XP47JSuperbolt's Project Nevada Patch. Anyone using either of them, feel free to tell me how it works out. I'm considering testing the 20mm Nerf myself eventually, but I don't use Project Nevada so I don't have plans on investigating that at the moment.

I'd recommend using any one of the major mod managers - FOMM, NMM, MO.

See the changes tab, or read the text file that's included with the patch. The text file has some commentary from me about the changes, I didn't keep them in the Nexus Logs section because it doesn't work so well with the format I originally wrote it in.

[Possible] Future Plans
Minor Goals:
  • Patch Aerial Assault Armor's DR effect to just be part of its normal DR.
  • Investigate 20mm Canister ammo(and Supressed variant's) multiplying weapon spread twice - 1.2 x 1.2. Technically should be about 1.45x for the same effect.
  • Investigate icon for Stealth Power, Light Power, and Aerial Assault armors being too big(visible line below them in GUI).
Long-term Goals:
  • Investigate the lack of swing SFX on several melee weapons.
  • Look into deleting placed objects that clip through the entrance to Shogo Heavy Industries.
  • Look into compatibility with my headgear weight class mod.
"Reach" Goals:
  • Look into fix for sandboxing companions placing turrets.
  • Look into icons for the Bipod mods/attachments.
  • Look into adding ownership to items in the Shogo cells.
  • Consider rebalance of traders, so they don't have 10/100 of EVERYTHING and like 10,000 caps apiece.
  • Look into compatibility with 20mm Nerf patch.

Special thanks to BrotherShogo and Freddy_Farnsworth for making the original Shogo Heavy Industries mod, and for giving me permission to release a patch for it on the Nexus!