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Adds a new vendor with advanced weapons and armor based on Japanese design. The company is called Shogo Heavy Industries and they produced experimental weapons and armor for the Japanese government before the Great War.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: Shogo Heavy Industries - Project Nevada Patch by XP47JSuperbolt

Do not use this mod with any of my previous mods that I uploaded or else there will be conflicts and crashes. Keep in mind this is a work in progress. There is a lot of features and content that I wanted to add but just didn't have the energy or time. I just wanted to get the mod out there for people to enjoy.



Pelinor's Weapon Mod Menu may be required if you're having trouble attaching mods to your weapons.

7/8/13 New updated ESP file that should fix icons, ammo bug, and katana damage.
7/9/13 New optimized texture packs available in low, med, and high res.
7/9/13 Updated description with more info.
7/11/13 New forum created for suggestions and ideas. Please use it instead of the main comments section.
7/17/13 New MAIN FILE uploaded. It is now a ESM file instead of an esp. If you downloaded the original Shogo Main File 7-6-13, download the update and delete the old esp and use the new esm.

Adds a new vendor with advanced weapons and armor. The designs are highly influenced by Japanese mecha and anime like Ghost in the Shell and Ex Machina. However, I still wanted them to have an old WW2/1950s feel, like what if Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution never came to be. The company is called Shogo Heavy Industries and they produced experimental weapons and armor for the Japanese military before the Great War.

The Shogo Heavy Industries base of operation in located north of Goodsprings near the Khan Encampment and death claws. If you cannot find it save your game, then press the ` key to bring up the console and type tmm 1 then hit enter. This should show all map markers on your pipboy. Then load your game back up to get rid of all the map markers.

The vendor inside the base sells high quality advanced weaponry and armor. The vendor also sells placeable turrets. Make sure you buy the 'Turret Tool'. Its important because you need it so you can hit the turrets you place to pack them back into your inventory. The turrets fall under the consumables(AID) section in your pipboy inventory. Make sure you have lots of caps because all the items are very expensive. It is also advised not to piss off the guards unless you want a 20mm High Explosive round up your ass...

1. Copy the provided data folder to your Fallout New Vegas directory.
2. When prompted to copy over original data folder say yes.
3. Activate the mod by checking shogo_heavy_industries.esm in your preferred mod manager like FOMM or NMM.
4. Enjoy the mod. :)

TO UPDATE: (If you already have Shogo Main File 7-6-13 installed)
1. Download Shogo Heavy Industries v1dot02 RC ESM Patch
2. Copy the provided data folder to your Fallout New Vegas directory.
3. When prompted to overwrite original data folder and files say yes.
4. Delete old shogo_heavy_industries.esp in the data directory.
3. Activate new shogo_heavy_industries.esm file by checking it in your preferred mod manager like FOMM or NMM.
4. Enjoy the mod. :)


****Cheat crate is located inside the base. It is on the upper left side of the main room. Its behind the sandbags. Use tcl in the console to toggle off collisions to 'fly' up to the crate. It has all the items available in the mod. A Schematics crate to the side by the armor mannequins has all the notes you need that have not been integrated to sellable schematics yet- grab em you need em.

-Workbench guns are suffixed like (20mm Carbine [ISSU]) and require Attachments sold by shogo, not MODS, not moddable must use workbench and repair ability to make those. It is quite a extensive list should allow you to customize you weapons to just how you want them. Only the 1st two of each type are buyable from shogo, so you can still customize them if your repair is to low to make from scratch, as Only building the first one of each type requires high repair skill. Workbench weapons have slightly lower damage and a little heavier, as they are crafted by you and not shogo.
-All Shogos original weapons are moddable. (no suffix) PeaceKeeper weapons require 10 strength RAMBOSHOGO mode.
-Workshop Built with full amenities and safe storage boxes (3) Shop is WIP, follow the quest to find it.
-Click on readme section for the complete list of suffix descriptions.

-To use turrets walk over to the position where you want the turret placed at, turn towards the direction you want your turret facing, and then go into your pipboy inventory, select the AID section and click on which turret you want to use.
-Use the turret tool to "pack up" the turrets back into your inventory by hitting it with the wrench.
-To add Suppressor mod to your 20mm weapon, go to a workbench with the mod item and the 20mm weapon, and then you should be able to combine them into a 20mm Suppressed weapon.
-To take off the suppressor just go back to a workbench and click on your 20mm Suppressed to remove it. It should give you a Suppressor mod item and 20mm weapon back into your inventory.
-For the regular 20mm Guns you have to use the regular 20mm Ammo. For the 20mm Suppressed Guns you have to use the Suppressed Ammo. You can convert Suppressed to regular OR regular to Suppressed ammo using the workbench. I know it makes it complicated but that's the only way I could implement the idea, having a unique muzzleflash for the suppressed and non-suppressed.
- new ammo icons for 50cal SMG - new stealth armor and helmet normalmaps 4096x4096 dxt5 - effects for laser and plasma katanas.
- readded fixed nif for 1 handed ironsight 50cal SMG. Spray and Pray baby ! Available now vendor or cheat crate.
- Too many tweaks to mention, now a esm file. Fixing things as fast as you find them

Turret Demonstration:

Weijiesen for new effects
AlexScorpion for red dot sight
freddy_farnsworth for help with esp file and encouraging me when I was about to give up
Naky for help with nif files
wileecoyote1969 for new sound effects
JiggleNomIcon for turret wrench
EatYeFigs for the beautiful screenshots
earache42 xcal 50cal pipboy ammo icons thanks ! -freddy
Rickerhk quest debugging - vendorchest script. -freddy
Yomox9 for Japanese Kanji corrections
YHWH and his son Yeshua for keeping me from going completely insane........

SPECIAL THANKS CAN BE VIEWED IN PERMS SECTION: (People who encouraged me throughout the years)

Please do not upload the mod anywhere else with out my permission. All models and textures are the result of my hard work and time spent. Please do not use them without permission.

I really appreciate the endorsements and file of the month votes. Even though I mod for myself, it still feels good knowing that fellow gamers are enjoying the work I put into it. It's very rewarding when people compliment your work and encourages me to continue. This is a good community and I thank you all. :) I love sharing my work with others, and I hope other modders feel the same way. Happy modding!

If you have any concerns message me on the nexus mod websites. http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/users/1176798//?

-Thank you!

BrotherShogo and Freddy_Farnsworth