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Reworks Mojave Express dropboxes in to a universal storage system with additional mechanics.

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Have you ever tried to find a reason to use a Mojave Express Dropbox?
I have, and honestly I gave up after a few hours. Having to send items to specific locations that also had to have been visited already really limits the potential use of the Humble Dropbox.

Enter this mod!

Dropboxes now function as unified storage; if you leave an item in any Dropbox, it can be retrieved from any other Dropbox in the Wasteland.

To compensate for this convenience, new balance features have been added:

  • Accessing the Dropbox requires a service fee of 100 caps. This fee is reduced to 50 caps after using the dropbox 10 times.

  • The Dropbox has a weight limit equivalent to 10 Strength. If you have mods that affect the Carry Weight formula, the dropbox will be similarly affected.