Fallout New Vegas
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Dynamically assigns and removes essential status to companions and former companions of the player, respectively.

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Extract the ESP to your Data folder or use a mod manager of your choice.

What it does:

It will dynamically set the essential status of vanilla, DLC, and mod added companions based on if they are following you. This will work with hardcore mode, "bare-bones" mod added companions, JIP Companion Command and Control forced companions, and can be easily toggled if desired.


Setting NPCs to essential comes with the possibility of breaking a quest they are supposed to die in or causing an inconsistency in the story.
However, this mod can be temporarily disabled via the Mod Configuration Menu or you can set an NPC to be ignored by looking at them and pressing a hotkey (default Right-Alt). This should carry little risk of breaking anything as long as you know whats coming up (or reload to an earlier save and configure).
At the same time, I want this mod to be as seamless as possible. If you report a specific case of something breaking (mod, quest, NPC) I will do what I can to patch or prevent it.


I've tested this as thoroughly as I can, but issues might and likely will crop up. Dealing with them should be very straight-forward, however, as basic debugging tools are made easily available, and I plan on fixing and adding features until I'm happy with the state of DEC.