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Modifies the Ranger Hat (of the New California Republic Rangers) so it sits slightly lower on the head.

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Some tweaks to the way Ranger Hat and Park Ranger Hat rest on the head. I understand that these hats usually don't sit too low (hence my changes are rather subtle) but I just couldn't stand looking at them floating above the heads. I checked some pictures of real-life California State Park Rangers that wear similar hats and adjusted it to be similar.

Works for both male and female characters (they both seem to use the same model). I looked around but couldn't find any other mod that does it.  No ESP files - just meshes modifications. Can be installed / uninstalled at any time.

Ranger Hat

Corresponding .nif file: meshes/armors/headgear/rangerhat/rangerhat.nif

Changes: I simply slightly lowered the whole hat, nothing else.

Park Ranger Hat (from Honest Hearts DLC)

Corresponding .nif file: meshes/nvdlc02/armor/parkrangerhat/nvdlc02parkrangerhat.nif

Changes: Initially I wanted to lower the whole hat down, however, I realized that it's very tricky. The whole hat is a bit smaller than the vanilla Ranger Hat, which caused issues during repositioning - female hairstyles were clipping from beneath the hat as soon as I lowered it. I took a careful look at this hat and realized that this one tends to sit a bit higher due to the way it's shaped.

Instead of lowering the whole hat down, I slightly readjusted it so the back of the hat sits a bit lower. Obsidian wanted to keep it straight, but it made it look unnatural from the side - the back of the hat seemed to be floating. I changed the angle slightly, so it now looks like it actually rests on the back of the head, while the front remains on the more-or-less same height.

If you don't like one or the other, just remove the corresponding mesh file and you'll get vanilla hat back.

Also, you can also personalize the hat position by yourself, it's very easy:

1. Download NifSkope
2. Open the .nif file from my mod
3. You'll see the model of the hat. Right-click on it and choose "Transform > Edit"
4. In a new window, you have X, Y, Z positions. Z moves the hat up or down.
5. Set Z to, for example, 1 and click OK.
6. Right-click the hat again and pick "Transform > Apply". Your change will be applied and you'll see the hat move up or down.
7. Save the file, run the game, check how it looks, repeat if necessary :)