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Overhauls several neglected perks. Adds a few new perks and traits. Balances many others.

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This is the culmination of my work tackling the perks that Obsidian left worthless. Infiltrator, Swift Learner, Here and Now, and others have now been given attention they deserve. If you think I've missed something important, leave a message and I might address it in the next version.

This mod combines work from my previous mods: Heartless Doesn't Provide Poison Immunity, Skilled Nerfed, Baddarkl Balance Patch, Toggle Friend of the Night, and Lessons Learned Overhaul. It is not recommended that you use any of them in conjunction with Baddarkl Perk Overhaul.

This mod requires Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road,  NVSE, and JIP LN NVSE Plugin. Baddarkl Perk Overhaul should be low in your load order, in order to ensure its changes aren't overwritten.

As of version 3.0, Baddarkl Perk Overhaul comes with a config file. It can be found under Fallout New Vegas/Data/config.



* The max number of traits has been increased from 2 to 4. This can be customized in the ini file.

* New Trait - Challenge Mode: XP gain is reduced by 50%. Your Damage Threshold is reduced by 30. Action Point 
regen is reduced by 75%.

* New Trait - Bloody Mess: Bloody Mess is once again a trait, and no longer gives a damage bonus.

* New Trait - Thick Skull: You've got a thick skull. You're immune to the negative effects of head injury, but 
your Intelligence is reduced by 1. Requirement: 2 Intelligence, <6 Intelligence.

* Remade Trait - Skilled: You're skilled, but not much of a book learner. You gain +5 to all skills, but you 
can't learn anything from skill books.


* New Perk - Flame Retardant: With the Flame Retardant perk, you gain 25% fire resistance. So walk towards the 
fire. Requirement: Level 8, 5 Endurance.

* New Perk - Wasteland Gourmet: You've learned a few things about stretching your food supplies. You now gain an extra serving when cooking high level foods. Requirement: Level 12, 60 Survival.

* New Perk - Nuklear Power: You learn something new every day. Today you learned that you can boost your 
Strength and Perception by 5 by drinking Nuka-Cola products. Requirement: Level 18, 5 Intelligence.

* Remade Perk - Swift Learner: You're a quick study, and it's paid off. You gain access to higher level crafting 
recipes, equivalent to a bonus 10 points to Repair, Science, and Survival. Requirement: Level 6, 4 Intelligence.

* Remade Perk - Here and Now: Someone has misplaced a footlocker full of caps. And you just stumbled upon it. 
Lucky! Requirement: Level 10, 7 Luck.

* Remade Perk - Computer Whiz: You've spent enough time around computers to uncover their greatest secret: The 
Mushroom Cloud Storage System! Access it from any terminal in the wasteland. Requirement: Level 16, 90 Science.

* Remade Perk - Lessons Learned: The wasteland has taught you some hard lessons, but you've remembered them all. 
You gain a unique bonus for each DLC you've completed (DLCs completed after you take this perk won't count). 
Requirement: Level 16.

Dead Money
Greed Is Good: +60 carry weight while health <= 20%

Honest Hearts
Rivers of Babylon: +8 HP/sec regen while in water

Old World Blues
Experimental Bionics: A new, experimental implant is available from the Sink Auto-Doc.

Lonesome Road
Messenger of Death: +50 AP while wearing the Courier Duster or Ulysses Duster

* Remade Perk - Mile in Their Shoes: You have come to understand Nightstalkers. Consuming Nightstalker 
Squeezin's now grants a powerful poison attack for two minutes. Requirement: Level 20, 75 Survival.

* Remade Perk - Infiltrator: Become the Master of Infiltration. With this perk, you gain access to a personal 
stealth field effect once per day for 2 minutes. Activate it with a hotkey (default L). Requirement: Level 22, 
90 Lockpick.

* Remade Perk - Broad Daylight: You've upgraded your Pip-Boy with a powerful UV light. It will now 
cause abominations to flee in terror. Requirement: Level 28, 100 Science.

* Balanced Perk - Heartless: The poison resistance has been decreased from 100% to 50%.

* Balanced Perk - Friend of the Night: The effect can now be toggled on and off.

* Balanced Perk - Rapid Reload: Requirement changed from 5 AGI and 30 Guns to 6 AGI.

* Balanced Perk - Educated: The level requirement has been increased from 4 to 8.

* Balanced Perk - In Shining Armor: The DT bonuses have been increased from 5/2 to 10/4. The level requirement 
has been increased from 2 to 8.

* Balanced Perk - Terrifying Presence: Requirement changed from 70 Speech to 70 Speech or 9 Strength.

* Balanced Perk - Super Slam: Requirement changed from level 8, 6 STR, 45 Melee Weapons to level 10, 7 STR.

* Balanced Perk - Unstoppable Force: Requirement changed from 7 STR and 90 Melee Weapons to 90 Melee Weapons or 
90 Unarmed.

* Balanced Perk - Alertness: Now additionally provides +3 crit chance while crouched and not moving. The level 
requirement has been increased from 12 to 14.

* Balanced Perk - Jury Rigging: Requirement changed from 90 Repair to 80 Repair and 8 Intelligence.

* Balanced Perk - Nuka Chemist: The level requirement has been decreased from 22 to 14.

* Balanced Perk - Voracious Reader: The level requirement has been decreased from 22 to 16.

* Balanced Perk - Eye for Eye: The damage bonus per crippled limb has been increased from 10% to 15%.

* Balanced Perk - Roughin' It: The level requirement has been decreased from 28 to 20.