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  1. Slinxx
    • supporter
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    This puts 2 random gates in the 188 trading post for some reason
  2. Edward1379
    • member
    • 202 posts
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    this is an americanweirdo mod that revolves around the legion and yet it doesn't contain a single mention of bussy or skirts. absolutely haram, this needs to be fixed.
  3. giannizzzzz
    • member
    • 15 posts
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    americanwierdo my beloved
  4. CourierKujo
    • member
    • 26 posts
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    For some reason the quest log doesn't track the night shade I collected. I killed all the thralls and collected them, but Charlatan acts like I haven't got them all.
  5. supersamec
    • member
    • 62 posts
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    Unfortunately, not compatible with A World of Pain. The entrance to the valley is in same spot as Reinman Cave. 
  6. desuzakido
    • supporter
    • 424 posts
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    Great experience.
    It may not have the polish that everyone expects but it was still a good run.

    I could tell that your modding gets better and better through each product you dish out. Keep at it man!
  7. Bafonet
    • BANNED
    • 513 posts
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    I agree with the overal statement that this is a flawed gem, however for a bit slightly different reasons.

    On its own, it's a a great satirical/parody comedy with some good serious and thoughtful moments under that skin. As part of New Vegas however, that satirical/parody part is too out of touch with it. If I'd use an example to show how far it goes from it, I'd say, think Evil Dead 1 or its remake as New Vegas, and Ash vs Evil Dead as this mod when it comes to its "skin". 

    So take that in consideration when you download it to play it. (And you should play it at least as a "momentary detour", because it's bloody awesome). 
  8. AvalancheO
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    Well, I've done this on two different characters so I guess I'll leave some feedback. On the whole I'd say this is a flawed gem. I really love the amount of work that's been put into this with the large amounts of new areas, voice acting, and a solid story thrown in. It's kind of like a mini dlc. The canyon is very pretty, and the first time you arrive, wandering through the narrow trench fighting off hordes of ghouls was extremely enjoyable. I enjoy the Legion characters, with Koshmar being my favorite (what can I say, I'm a sucker for tragic backstories). Charlatan stole the show for sure as well. Mad Villain is awesome too, he's probably the most likable person in the camp. The characters were a lot of fun to interact with, so congrats on that.

    As for cons, most of it's minor. I found multiple different places you can clip out of the map with, two of them being doors in the vault that lead nowhere and let you just...waltz out of the map. There's the weird dead ghouls and skeletons that either stand upright until hit or are all stretched out and weird. Some of the voice actors' sound don't match or fluctuate. The holotapes are a pain the ass to find. I'm fine with no markers, but knowing the general area each is in would be nice. The biggest criticism I'd say is the backtracking. The canyon is massive, and it takes several long minutes to go to and from the various fetch quest items back to the camp. I'd add map markers, but if you want to add encounters along the way I'd shorten the map. I turned up the run multiplier just to get through the "go here, get thing, come back" missions that you get repeatedly throughout the mod. Aside from that the strange difficulty spikes feel off. You start with feral ghouls and end with a large number of power armored troops with plasma casters.

    Despite the downsides, I definitely enjoyed this mod. Enough to play it twice. Great work!
  9. Darkexxod
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    Gameplay-wise, this mod needs a *lot* of polish. Voice acting jumps volume constantly, and several people could do with better microphones; the exterior environments looked pretty bland, and both exterior and interior had several missing collisions for walls; certain enemies were *far* too easy, while others seemed a bit harder than they should have been. That all being said, however, the premise behind the mod was a very interesting one, and the execution of it in the story was fantastic. Even with the aforementioned complaints, the story alone kept me compelled enough to keep playing to the end. Overall, was a fun time, so it's worth an endorse.
    • member
    • 342 posts
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    I know this might be a bit of a broad question but still, would I get anything out of this mod as a Legion player or is it mostly meant for players that don't hold a high opinion of it?