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Travel to the perilous Bleeding Wound Canyon to save a company of soldiers belonging to a greater faction with a rather notorious reputation. Will you help them for the sake of it or leave them to die?

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There exists a twisting and narrow corridor carved into the wasteland near Goodsprings known as "The Bleeding Wound Canyon." 

Upon meeting a strange man in Sloan, he asks you to travel there and save his friends who are trapped and couldn't scale the cliff as well as him in order to escape. He promises that you'll be paid handsomely.

However, what he leaves out is that the people you will be saving happen to belong to the same army that threatens New Vegas. Though these soldiers aren't like the others you have seen from that army. They're a band of misfits who hold no malice for any other faction; they simply want to escape. On top of that, they are under threat by a hostile society of ghouls living in an irradiated vault in the canyon. Between the ghouls, the wildlife in the canyon, and a mysterious virus that has been unleashed upon them, this canyon could become their coffin.

So can you set aside your prejudices to help out some poor souls? Or will you condemn them and aid in their demise?

This is the first semi-serious mod I've done. It still has some of the typical absurdist Americanwierdo traits but I really did try to create a story that wasn't just a goofy romp but instead an actual plot. This mod also took a very long time to make, in fact I started it back before I started The Hype is Real 2, so it's been practically a year since I've put anything out, huh?

I hope you guys like this one; it's definitely a pretty big one. Including a new world space, a number of quests, and as many roleplay options as I could throw in. If there are any issues, please let me know as soon as possible. 

This quest starts after you talk to Abel, who is in the bar of Sloan. The entrance to the canyon is northeast of the canyon. I think.


Mod created by: Americanwierdo (with a little extra help)

Voice Talents:

Abel: Alex Orr
Cain: Americanwierdo
Charlatan: French Dipp
Rat Poison: Mike P. (my brother)
Madvillian: Emil Hägg
Koshmar: Piettr
Avarice: xxgoth_holicxx
Cocytus: John Montoya
Nietzsche: Ian Herring

The Bleeding Wound Canyon, as well as the Viper Teeth encampment, were both made by