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In the most recent (and only available) version of BayK's Weapon Pack there are a few bugs. For instance, the 5mm SMG's model is broken when dropped, and the weapons weren't added to the formlists they should have been in. This mod fixes those problems. This requires Honest hearts and BayK's Weapon Pack.

Permissions and credits
Honest Hearts
BayK's Weapon Pack


5mm SMG model and pipboy icon are fixed
.22 revolver added to holdout list, the professional list and cowboy perk list
Waster pistol and Chinese pistol added to Improved holdout list and the professional list
Combat shotgun and Trench Shotgun added to shotgun surgeon list
Assault rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Paratrooper SMG, Old Assault Rifle, Scout Carbine and Support Rifle have all been added to the Grunt Perk List
As of Update 2.0 Assault Rifles (maybe some other guns, please test) should be aligned horizontally with the crosshair. This makes the guns more accurate when actually aiming.

Project Nevada Patch does not require Project Nevada, however, it was specifically made to work with Project Nevada.
Link to Project Nevada Mod Page

Now required
Extract the file using 7zip or something like that. SImply put the bugfix GECK file in the fallout new vegas data folder and make sure it loads after BayK's Weapon Pack. Then take the new BKWP mesh file and put it the Data/meshes file. If you already have a BKWP file in meshes replace it with the new one
Project Nevada Patch installation is exactly the same

SGTbayk47 for the models, textures, and everything else in the 2.1 edition of BayK's Weapon Pack
MrBJBlazkowics for the concept art that some weapons in BayK's Weapon Pack are based on

For the record BayK's Weapon Pack is considered a modder's resource by SGTbayk47 and with that said I hope you enjoy and this mod