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The Mysterious Broadcast radio station plays songs randomly, which can result in the same song playing several times in a row. This mod adds a small script that checks the last 3 previously played songs so that the songs don't repeat so soon. It's made with YUP in mind, so it will preserve their fixes to the radio station.

Permissions and credits
This mod is now part of YUP as of version 11.6, so don't bother downloading if you already have that version of YUP or higher.

I originally made the Mysterious Broadcast Fix mod, which fixed the radio station and added the 3 song buffer so that you wouldn't get the same song playing 2 or 3 times in a row, but it's since been fixed by YUP (Yukichigai Unofficial Patch), so I see no reason for my old mod to remain except for this little addition. Now this mod exists to complement YUP's changes and simply add the 3 song buffer.

Why does it require Dead Money and Honest Hearts?
A couple of places in those two DLCs are set to play the radio station according to their internal files, but are normally overwritten by the Old World Blues DLC because of the load order. YUP then made sure to preserve those instances on their mod, and I kept them to keep compatibility with YUP.

Can I use the mod even if I don't have YUP installed?
I think so, but keep in mind that the base game has the "Begin Again" song bugged, which causes the radio station to go silent. This mod doesn't change that at all, so if you don't have YUP installed or any mod that fixes it (I think all the big bugfix mods already do this), then that issue will remain. So it's really made more to complement YUP or any mod that fixed the bug.