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A weapon, a armor, a special item and a craft aid in the safehouses.

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I like the mechanics of safehouses, but taking out the shades of the Legion, there's nothing very interesting there for me. 

This mod adds extra rewards in safehouses, "forcing" you to maintain a good reputation with all factions.

The containers are located on the outside of the houses (to not interfere with mods that changes the interior) and you need the the same key that opens the doors.

For each house, you find a armor (without the faction script), a weapon, a recipe and a special item. Here´s the list:

1) BoS

- Paladin Ceremonial Power Armor and Helmet

- Multiplas Fist (a ballistic fist, but made from a multiplas rifle, because BoS)

- Nuclear Cocktail, a less powerful version of the atomic cocktail, but more easy to craft.

- Portable Workbench

2) Legion

- Legion Veteran Armor and helmet, Reinforced

- Baptismus, the legionary gehenna. Affected by Pyromaniac perk.
P.S: for a blade as cool as mine, download this mod

- Cazador´s Extract. This is the turbo version of the Legion. But instead of dilating time, it increases the speed of movement, reload and attack of the player.

- Portable Hot Plate (campfire)

3) NCR

- First Ranger Armor and Mask (my interpretation of what would be Seth's clothing)

- Sequoia Rifle. Affected by Cowboy perk.

- Ranger Chewing Tobacco. Have the effects of Coyote Tobbaco, plus a increase in your aim (less powerful version of Steady)

- Portable Reload Bench

4) FotA

- FotA Battle Helmet and Duster

- Gauss Pistol, Prototype. Not the same ones from Fallout 2. It´s a improved Holdout Weapon.

- Cure for Addiction. It just works

- Portable Sierra Madre Vending Machine (read the notes, makes some sense). It is heavy, not to be much overpower.

Taking advantage of this mod, I also put some items in Lucky 38, but aimed at the social part of Vegas. I like to play in casinos, but I feel stupid to use the naughty nightwear. I also like to play caravan. The box is NOT IN THE SUITE. You can find it close to Mr. House bed, next to a model of Protectron.

5) Lucky 38

- House´s Suit (have the same bonus of the naughty nightwear)
- Captain of Industry Cane. It´s a improved Holdout Weapon.
- Vegas Playboy Beverage. Plus 5 to charisma. 
- All Lucky 38´s cards



1) How do I use the special items?

- There is two ways to do that. You can go to the aid section of your pipboy and use direct from there, if you are not in combat. 

But if you want to choose an abandoned house to live in; for example; you can throw the items on the floor and position them wherever you want. They will work like their normal counterparts. To get them back, enter in sneak mode. ^^

2) Cheat box?

- Clip under Victor´s Shack to pick all the itens.

3) Can you change this or that?

- I made this mod for personal use, but hey, you can use it too. 
Being of personal use, I am satisfied with the result and I probably will not change anything.  But you obviously are not forbidden to make a suggestion in the comments.


My last mod of the year, enjoy guys.