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This mod brings a very powerful semi-automatic handgun to the Mojave, the Automag pistol. Complete with custom meshes, textures, and firing sounds.

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The AMT Automag III was designed by Harry Sanford and produced by the Arcadia Machine Tool company in the early 1990s, after which production was handed to Galena Industries. There were five 'variants' of the Automag pistol, the original being the famous gas-operated .44 AMP used by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry film "Sudden Impact" and having little to do mechanically with the other four. There are plenty of mods already on the nexus of the original Automag, but none of the later models. Until now, of course.

Mechanically, the Automag III is nearly identical to a 1911. It operates on a short-recoil, tilting-barrel type configuration. The Automag III is actually chambered in .30 Carbine, but that isn't in vanilla New Vegas. All Automag pistols were made of high-quality stainless steel, so it is very likely that at least a few would survive the war in almost pristine condition.



  • Custom Mesh
  • Custom 2K Textures
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Icon
  • Two attachments: a muzzle brake and a grip-mounted scope.


The pistol can be found along with both attachments on Doc "Hoplophile" Mitchell's kitchen table.

Alternatively, the gun can be obtained through console commands. The weapon ID is xx000ADE, where xx is its position in your load order.


To install the mod, simply extract the folder labeled "Data" into your Fallout New Vegas main directory, and allow all folders to merge. Then, activate the .esp in your load order. Or, you could use a Mod Manager.


Everything made by TactaGhoul.