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Remove them from the cross, perform mercy kills or...leave them to their fate.

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Mod version 1.7
Requires main game and Lonesome Road DLC.
Remove them from the cross, perform mercy kills or...leave them to their fate.
It's always up to you.
You'll get 20 Karma only if you send them to Elysium in a peaceful way.
1. You can perform mercy kills on crucified NCR troopers in Nelson.

2. You can perform mercy kills on Powder Gangers in Legion Raid Camp.
In both cases, the legionaries guarding the hostages will comment favorably and will not attack you, if you mercifully kill them.
There will be consequences though, after performing those acts. It is up to you to discover.

3. VNelsonHostageRestrain2 (script) running on crucified NCR hostages in Nelson was tweaked, corrected an very much improved to match the mercy kills.

4. You cannot perform mercy kills on NCR hostages in Tehatticup Mine.

5. Anders will have his legs healed, once he gets close enough to Diane in Red Rock Canyon.

6. Crucified NCR hostages in Nelson will have their legs healed too, once they get close enough to Ranger Milo.

7. Fix for "Anywhere I Wander" quest, if you fail it. "Boulder City Showdown" will no longer be stopped.

8. Fix for VTechatticupQuestScript responsible for "Anywhere I Wander" quest. Moved those botched conditions from VTechatticupQuestScript to TecMineHostage (script) running on NCR hostages in Tehatticup Mine. The quest will be properly updated when you free the hostages in Tehatticup Mine.

6. vNiptonRescueSCRIPT will properly disable and delete some hidden activator responsible for setting the stage to 30 in quest "Booted". The stage is set anyway to 30 when you free the Powder Gangers captives, no real need to check every frame (when you are in the area) if the legionaries are dead too, to setting again that stage to 30.

7. NiptonSurvivorDeathScript and NiptonSurvivorDeathScript02 running on Powder Gangers captives in Legion Raid Camp was tweaked, corrected and very much improved to match the mercy kills.

8. Fix for NVTechNCRRenoldsSCRIPT running on Private Renolds. Upon death, it will fail the quest only if is not completed.

9. vNiptonSCRIPT responsible for quest "Booted" tweaked.

10. Fix for boxcarscrippledSCRIPT running on the foulest mouth in the entire Mojave Wasteland. He will no longer re-spawn. Minor tweaks to his stats.
Upon death, the quest "Booted" will be properly stopped. The quest is also responsible for his dialogue lines, no real need to keep that running for another 150hrs even if he is dead.
Tip: Do not use him as karma dispenser and waste your precious morphine on him. You can kill him after finishing "Booted" and "Wheels of Fortune" quests and the satisfaction will be very much guaranteed. Take it as a merciful kill too.

11. Removed CrucifiedVictimScript from VCottonwoodCoveSlaveDead and VCottonwoodCoveSlaveDead02. No real need for running scripts in GameMode (every frame while you are in the area) on dead bodies.

12. Fix for VCottonwoodCoveSlaveCrucified03 (the crucified female in Cottonwood Cove) stats and level. The min. level for a character should be 1 not 0.

13. The Powder Gangers captives in quest "Booted" will no longer be cloned. Due to this, the new version of the mod requires Lonesome Road DLC.
For technical details, open the GECK and see why.

14. Enabled 3 disabled Powder Gangers (crucified) in Nipton. The stark beauty of Legion's justice in Nipton increased from 4 to 7. They will no longer scream when you remove them from the cross.

15. Enabled 1 disabled crucified slave in Cottonwood Cove area.
New in version 1.7
1. You can turn on or off the lights in Nelson. Quite the show. See the last two screenshots.

Have a good one (mod).

The purity of Legion's justice.
Tabellarius misericordia.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of stuff.