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This mod enables 3D positional audio in Fallout: New Vegas. You'll be able to hear if sounds are in front, behind, above, or below you in a full 360 degrees. Optionally, you can use this mod to enable up to 7.1 speaker support in Fallout: New Vegas.

Permissions and credits
It's a little-known fact that Fallout: New Vegas was one of the very last games to support DirectSound3D which was killed off in Vista onwards. SoundBlaster X-Fi soundcard owners can restore this functionality with ALchemy, which creates a dummy "dsound.dll" in the directory that wraps DS3D calls to OpenAL. The included DSOAL dsound.dll in this mod works under the same principle, only it wraps DS3D calls to the OpenAL Soft API instead so you can get HRTF or 7.1 surround without the need for a dedicated soundcard.

Read this article if you're unfamiliar with how HRTF works.


YOU MUST INSTALL THIS MOD MANUALLY, NOT WITH A MOD MANAGER! Before installing the latest 1.1 version, make sure you delete the older dsound.dll and OpenAL32.dll/dsoal_aldrv.dll files or your game won't launch.

  1. Extract the files to the \Fallout New Vegas installation directory.
  2. Make sure your speaker config is set to 44100Hz, or else you won't hear the HRTF.
  3. Launch the game; you should immediately notice the spatialized sound.

OpenAL Soft will configure itself to match your speaker settings automatically. Make sure you disable any virtual surround sound programs (Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, SBX Pro Studio etc.) in order for this mod to work. If you don't get any HRTF, you may need to set FalloutNV.exe to Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode and run as Administrator. This might cause crashes for you if you're running with the Steam 4GB patch or the NVSE; it seems dependent on the OS and game version (GOG version was used in footage).

The built-in MIT KEMAR HRTF tables in OpenAL Soft are optimized for an "average head" which means it's likely you won't even hear the HRTF that well. You can learn how to install a personalized HRTF table from this Reddit post here. I have a video that demonstrates all the personalized HRTF tables right here. The correct HRTF table for you should feel as though the sound is actually moving along the back of your head in-between your ears.

  • Remove "dsound.dll", "dsoal-aldrv.dll", and "alsoft.ini" from the \Fallout New Vegas directory.

Frequently Asked Questions
I installed this mod but I don't get any sound in-game!
Make sure your speaker settings match what's set in alsoft.ini. If you want to use 48000Hz sound output, change it to "frequency=48000Hz" and "default-hrtf=Built-In 48000hz" in alsoft.ini.

I'm getting sound but I don't hear any HRTF effect!
Set FalloutNV.exe compatibility mode to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" and run as Administrator. If you did that and it still doesn't work, make sure dsound.dll is in the right directory and that "hrtf=true" is set in alsoft.ini. This might cause crashes depending on if you're using the Steam 4GB patch or NVSE, however.

Will this mod affect any other mods that are already installed?

No, as long as those mods don't use dsound.dll in any way.

I installed the latest update but my game won't launch!
Delete the older OpenAL32.dll file from your installation folder. The newest version of DSOAL uses a different name for OpenAL Soft.

Do I have to delete the alsoft.ini in %APPDATA% from v1.0 for this mod to work?
No. The newest build of DSOAL uses the alsoft.ini in the installation folder instead as a higher priority from %APPDATA%. You can safely keep both files.

-Updated with latest DSOAL build and reconfigured settings to hopefully fix any problems people might be having with distorted sound and audio cutting out.

-Updated with latest DSOAL and OpenAL Soft .DLLs.
    -Removed older DSOAL source and other files to greatly trim down on file size.

DSOAL and OpenAL Soft are licensed under LGPL. They were created by kcat (Huleed). I have recieved permission to publish this mod here, although since it's LGPL it can be redistributed anywhere as long as the .dlls can be easily replaced. DSOAL can theoretically work with any game that supports DirectSound3D, though it was originally intended for TES 4: Oblivion.

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