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See Notes in http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Implant_Y-3 and description.

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Requires Old World Blues DLC installed.
Mod version 1.1
'Due to the way the perk's effects are calculated (1 - (Player.GetActorValue RadResist / 100)), it is less effective at higher
levels of radiation resistance. Usind Dirty Water as an example:
  • RadResist 15%, drinking dirty water (Rad+5) → no radiation
  • RadResist 69%, drinking dirty water (Rad+1) → no radiation
  • RadResist 70%, drinking dirty water (Rad+1) → radiation +1
  • Note that high levels of radiation resistance may be temporary (boosted by RadX and clothing items), while the player may need to drink on a more regular basis, especially in hardcore mode."
Source http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Implant_Y-3.
To be more precise (you can do the math) the thresholds are:
1. if RadResistance >= 67%, drinking Nuka-Cola, Ice Cold Nuka-Cola, Rum&Nuka, +1 RAD will be added instead of being substracted;
2. if RadResistance >= 84%, drinking Dirty Water +1 RAD will be added instead of being substracted;
3. if RadResistance >= 91%, drinking Irradiated drinks (except Water) and/or Nuka-Cola Quantum/Victory/Quartz +1 RAD will be added;
4. if RadResistance >= 88%, drinking Irradiated Water +2 RAD will be added instead of being substracted.
If your RadResistance >= 85%, the engine sets the Radiation for drinks (including water from faucets, toilets and urinals) and food to 1 with the exception of Irradiated Water which is set to 2.
If your RadResistance > 100% (RadResistance and PoisonResistance are not capped at max.85%), (1 - (RadResist / 100)) goes negative which means theoretically that you became a ghoul; if you drink something irradiated, Radiation poisoning should be healed. Well, it is not.
Quite a broken implant.

This fix fixes that.
New in version 1.1
Added Atomic Cocktail to NVDLC03PerkRelatedDrinks10RadLIST [FLST:030152FD]. No rads added when drinking it, if you have the implant Y-3.

Beware of Night Stalkers.

Dr. Dala's Breathing Session

Many thanks to: