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The only grenade hotkey mod you will ever need. Powered by the JIP LN plugin, this thing is as fast as it is simple to use.

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Quick Grenade Hotkey

What is this mod?

This mod does what it does on the tin. It's a quick switching grenade hotkey, with icon and grenade count.

How do I use it?

To use this mod, first have any explosives in your inventory. The mod will automatically select the first grenade or mine it finds in your inventory, and it will be shown by the icon in the bottom right hand corner. Press the F key to swap from your current weapon to the explosive currently set. Pressing F again will swap back to the previous weapon. If you have fists equipped, it will just swap constantly to the grenade as fists are not a valid weapon in the engine.

Holding the G key and using the mouse wheel will scroll through all the explosives you have in your inventory, swapping out the icon and showing the count. You can then hit the 
F key again to swap to the new explosive as normal. When you are in grenade mode, using the scroll wheel will swap in real time as well as updating the currently selected grenade.

And that's it. It's just that simple.

The mod also comes equipped with it's own Mod Configuration Menu. You can set what keys you want to use for the main nade key and the swap key.

Includes 23 icons for all different types of explosives (Thanks T3T/RoyBatty)

What do I need for this mod

You will need the latest version of the New Vegas Script Extender, the JIP LN plugin, UIO, and the Mod Configuration Menu for changing the hotkeys.

Tgspy - Scripting, XML

Roy Batty - Helping with Script Optimisation, providing permission for use of Project Nevada's icons

T3T - For making the Icons long ago

The Frontier - For being my introduction into modding.

Speaking of the Frontier, you can join us on our discord at