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A tweak to the Cannibal Perk which grants additional bonuses from consuming Cannibal-related food items. Also adds recipes for Strange Meat and Strange Meat Pies.

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UPDATE: Added a health bonus for Blood Packs.  This bonus does not eliminate support for the unused Hematophage perk, for mods which re-enable it.
This mod adds a few more effects to the Cannibal perk, mostly in the way of improved effects from consuming Human Flesh and variants. Blood Packs, Human Flesh, Human Remains, Strange Meat, Strange Meat Pies, and Imitation Strange Meat Pies all see an increase in health restored when eaten. In Hardcore mode, the Strength penalty for consuming Strange Meat is eliminated.

This also adds extra effects to some of these items just for Cannibals. Strange Meat Pies provide a Strength boost, while Human Flesh and Human Remains provide a small amount of limb condition restoration.  The latter won't fully heal your limbs, not by a long shot, but it can at least un-cripple them in a pinch.

The Cannibal perk also opens up access to recipes for Strange Meat and Strange Meat Pies. Initially these can be made with Human Flesh, as well as Mutilated Arms, Mutilated Legs, Mutilated Organs, and Mutilated Torsos; Strange Meat Pies can also be made from Strange Meat. Once the player obtains the Dine and Dash perk they will also be able to make these items using Human Remains. The recipes are:

Strange Meat (2) - 1 Human Flesh/1 Human Remains

Strange Meat Pie (4) - 1 Human Flesh/1 Human Remains/2 Strange Meat, 1 Flour, 1 Fresh Carrot, 1 Fresh Potato.

Variants of the above recipes exist for any Mutilated body parts (Mutilated Leg, Mutilated Organs, etc.). These recipes will only be shown if you are carrying at least one of the appropriate body part.

The recipes vary in how much usable meat can be taken from the appropriate body part, e.g. Mutilated Legs provide as much meat as three pieces of Human Flesh, and thus the Strange Meat Pie recipe calls for three of each of the other ingredients and gives you a total of 12 Strange Meat Pies.

Theoretically this mod should work in tandem with some of the other Cannibal mods out there. Don't be afraid to experiment.