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This mod edits the face of every single NPC in the entirety of Fallout: New Vegas, to be...well, quite messed up.

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"OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE!?" is the likely reaction you will get when using this mod! At least I hope so.

This mod edits every single NPC in all of Fallout: New Vegas, including DLCs. Every. Single. One. And by "edits", I mean distorts and turns into a bizarre mess! You should only use this if you're looking for a weird experience that is certainly not lore friendly. This will sadly be the last Distorted Face Overhaul, as Skyrim does not support face dragging in the Creation Kit, and I don't care enough about Fallout 4 to check if you can drag faces in the G.E.C.K.

Anyway, enjoy this stupid mod that took more time to make than I care to think about.

Also check out my Distorted Face Overhaul for Oblivion and Fallout 3, if you're looking for more stupidity that is.